Looking On The Bright Side Of Life

Bryan got 191 votes, or 5% of the vote. He’d like to say thank you to each and every one of you who voted for him. All we’d like to say is “Cheer Up Bryan.”

We now revert back to type. Bryan is taking a well earned rest but will continue to be our public face.

The Shepwayvox Team.

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5 Comments on Looking On The Bright Side Of Life

  1. Well done. The turnout was abysmal but well done.

  2. Meldrew // May 5, 2017 at 15:49 // Reply

    The boy dun well – sadly he was up against too many Nasty Party voters there who would probably vote for Fred West if had stood for the Nasty Party.

    But in Hythe West including Dymchurch – we got rid of the Nasty Party…. Well done Martin Whybrow !!!

    Next target should be removal of our SDC Nasty Party counciliar..

  3. Well-done Bryan, a good show for a first attempt. Had you stood in my Ward you would have got my vote. I was one of the rather pathetic 36% who could be bothered to vote ( 64% who will complain no-matter what is decided in their name ).

    Local politics should be about local issues beyond those of National Government, so Party Politics should not intervene. Seems they did.

    The one good thing about this election is the demonstration of the irrelevance of the opposition parties.

    However, any governing party requires effective opposition to keep them on the straight and narrow to prevent stupidity taking over.

    Maybe this will happen in the General Election but I doubt it!

  4. A worthy fight and one well worth fighting. But this is just the start so let’s get back to dishing the dirt on these rogues!!

  5. The problem with Shepway is that even if you put up a pig for election, as long as it wore a blue rosette it would be returned. A councillor who will be costing a great deal of Money over the coming years was elected with less than 2000 votes. Apathy rules.

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