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Andy Jarratt, (pictured) Head of Strategic Development Projects at Shepway district Council was interviewed on Radio Kent, broadcast 15 June 2017 about the possible Otterpool Park development. We’d like to remind you, if you don’t already know about Shepway District Council – his employer-  spin and a lie.  


Their Development Partner Cozumel Estates Ltd  is based in the British Virgin Islands and owned by Simon & David Reuben (pictured). It is a brass plate company/PO Box company, a shell company in the capital Road Town So what does the company produce, make? Er…..

What money laundering checks have SDC on the money they have received from Cozumel?


Do they know where the money inside Cozumel came from?

The BVI’s are a known territory  where money laundering via companies registered there have been involved in money laundering.

How can SDC be satisfied that they know the origin of the £266,000, when not even HMRC are allowed to know, yet (page 5, Transitions).


So a lot of spin and definitely a lie and Andy being as clear as the view from behind a closed door.

So below is a transcript of Andy’s conversation he had with the reporter on BBC Radio Kent.

It went like this:- (Oh and we are grateful to our colleagues @ (22nd June 2017) )

Who the homes will be for?
It will be drawing people from the local area.  It will have a particular emphasis on trying to ensure that affordable homes meet the requirements of those that are unable to afford homes at the moment.
But also that we are trying to introduce a new demographic to the area and to increase the economically active population. 
You are actively looking for people to move in from outside of the area then
We are looking to business to see what business requires and for new facilities we think that will drive a new skill base so it will be a mix of local people benefiting from that but yes and it will be open to people with skills from elsewhere to come to the area. 
Do you know where house prices might start from?
We don’t I think it’s worth recognising that this is a long-term project.  we hope to be on site 2020 but even then you can appreciate that things will change a lot. It will be important that affordability of homes is taken account of so there will be starter homes within the mix of that I’m quite sure I think it’s likely there will be key worker homes available to the people with particular skill sets that we are trying to encourage. I mean affordability is very much in our mind. 
Roughly then how much would a starter home cost do you think?
I just don’t know I don’t think we know how much any home will cost into a three years time. It’s got to be valuable it’s got to meet the market it will be governed by the market conditions at the time. 
There has obviously been lots of protest about this development you know we had hundreds of people marching on the streets not too long ago. How are you trying to get those people on board and the concerns that they have. 
(Big sigh)
Well I think what we’re trying to do through our own engagement really is to help people shape the settlement and it’s not a question… You appreciate we are promoting the project our role in life is to make it work for as many people as we can. And I think we will have to assume that there will be some people who object to this proposal as people object to any significant proposal.  Ummm what we’re trying to do essentially is to work with those who will work with us and to meet as many needs as possible. 
What would you say to those people who so far have felt a bit ignored in this process.?
(Bigger sigh)
… If there are people out there who feel ignored …. I think we need to draw attention to what we are doing and we have an open dialogue with all good will talk to us. I don’t pretend for a minute that we will be able to meet everybody’s requirements because some people don’t want to see this scheme happen at all.  Some people don’t want to see development happen at all.   But what is driving this is a need to meet the needs of the many, and this is based on an objective assessment of what future housing need is is required in the area and we have a responsibility I think to meet that need. 
Those people that aren’t happy with the plan, they just have to put up with it then?
(Even bigger sigh)
While they have to…they have to put up with it, or they have to try and work with us to shape it.  
What we are not entering into is a dialogue about it not happening.
And that consultation on going of course……

Those who are against the development  are so, in part, because it is not “locally led” Rather it is imposed.

Nor are they against any development.  


The development is imposed and led by SDC as they drive forward into “commercialisation” and of course there are risks. Some of which cannot be sensibly ignored.

People should rightly be concerned when the Council are doing business with a company not even HMRC can check yet, that surely is a very big risk indeed.

The Shepwayvox Team

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly. 
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4 Comments on The Otterpool Spin

  1. Jarrett’s ‘car crash’ interview on this deliberately shrouded and imposed development certainly seems to fulfil some of the expected ‘Peter Principle’ requirements…

    But can he do better – can he surpass himself? Time will tell.

    I wonder if he’s considered becoming a local councillor? He certainly consulted the plebs like one.

    And you have the Kentish Express where:-

    “One resident told planners: “You must understand this area of Kent just doesn’t have enough water to support all of those people….. We are already a water stressed area, if you can’t solve how you’re going to provide extra water then this is a deal breaker.”

    When Arcadis water engineer Tom De La Rossa told residents to “use less water”, cynical laughter filled the hall.

    Perhaps De La Rossa’s answer could can be applied to the Medical Centre on the Monkograd Ghetto – “be less ill”…

  2. The sighs have it……

  3. Andy Jarett, in his interview, seems to welcome the input of those who support this massive development. However, welcome seems somewhat lacking for those who dare to point out the short-falls within the infrastructure, which are most likely to cause this project to fail.

    Where, Mr. Jarrett, do you plan to get your water from?. Where, Mr. Jarrett, do you plan to find your GP services?. How will the Police Services cope, how will the Fire Service cope?. So many unanswered questions.

    Many of us do not wish to obstruct progress, or the housing need, but surely, some sense of viability needs to be considered.

    We must have individuals from our area who are prepared to properly consider the issues instead of trotting out Council dogma, and deliver a reasoned plan to appeal to the environmental issues and the housing need.

    We do not, as yet, have this.

    Mr. Jarrett is most likely not fit for purpose, so who next?

  4. Cozumel may, or not, be using laundered money. SDC, however, are most definitely using an element of ‘ Dirty Money ‘, coming to them via Council Tax, raised, in some part, from residents drug dealing.

    It is hypocritical to deride Cozumel when our own house is unclean.

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