That Trip To New Zealand.

In a recent post we informed you that KCC had visited New Zealand.


On the 23rd Nov 2016 Paul Francis, (pictured) political editor of the Kent Messenger group, reported that KCC chiefs had flown to New Zealand to recruit  teachers for schools in Kent.

“As a result of the visit 12 teachers were offered posts at a number of the county’s school.”

The trip for two persons who flew to New Zealand on the 29/09/16 was initially paid for by KCC, but all costs were fully reimbursed to KCC as is made very clear by the following emails received by our public face while the accounts were open.

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Point2Point Agency are located in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. In the UK they are based near to the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London.

The company is run by three sisters

  image-kateL  image-emmaL  image-carlyL

              Kate                                        Emma                                   Carly

who are all New Zealanders and reside in Australia according to Companies House.

As the trip resulted in 12 teachers being recruited at a time when thousands of teachers are leaving the profession, we can only conclude that the trip was value for money as it cost the Kent Taxpayer the grand sum of £0.

The Shepwayvox Team

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2 Comments on That Trip To New Zealand.

  1. “we can only conclude that the trip was value for money as it cost the Kent Taxpayer the grand sum of £0”

    How refreshing…………

    Obviously as there weren’t any Nasty Party councilar involved then value for money was achieved.

    It almost restores my trust in Local Government….
    (Longest couple of minutes of my life there)

  2. Why! There are plenty of teachers sat at home in England who have been forced out of teaching. I for one. No pay rise for seven years but paperwork expectations immense. 60 hour week and they wonder why we walk away.

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