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The rumours that the lorry park at Stanford has been ditched  according to “sources close to the Construction Team” – Balfour Beatty has been revealed by Kentonline.co.uk. However, the Shepwayvox Team can go one step further and say that it has seen documentary evidence from several sources that the lorry park will be ditched. The documents make clear that the proposed 3,600 Lorry Park at Stanford (J11) M20 will not go ahead.

On Monday our public face spoke to the Department of Transport (DfT), who when pressed about the Lorry Park being built sidestepped the request and refused to either confirm or deny.

The question put was

  • “Can you confirm or deny, the Lorry park (at Stanford (J11)) will or will not be built?”

Rather than answer the question the DfT said:

  • “We are defending the judicial review case. It would be inappropriate to comment further.”

The DfT were contacted again, but again they refused to confirm or deny if the Lorry will or will not go ahead.

Jim O'Sullivan leo_quinn

So we sent an email to Highways England boss Jim O’Sullivan (pictured) who said they’d get back to us in 15 days. Also an email was sent to Leo Quinn (pictured right) – Chief Executive of Balfour Beatty asking for either a confirmation or a denial that the lorry park was still going ahead, no response from Balfour Beatty has been received after five days.

So we thought we’d talk to the Landowner – David Holt, who has recently seeded the site for a crop to be harvested in July. Mr Holt’s only comment was “No Comment” when asked if he had been informed by Balfour Beatty & Highways England the Lorry Park would not now be built.

Screenshot from 2017-11-03 18-12-37

Therefore we would ask all those involved: DfT, Highways England & Balfour Beatty to either confirm or deny if the Lorry Park is going ahead; with evidence, as soon as possible. The people of Stanford, have had to live with uncertainty for nigh on two years. They need clarity one way or another, So come on Mr Grayling MP (pictured last Friday with Damian Collins MP), Mr Sullivan, Mr Quinn, we’re quite sure you can stump up the proof, as we know it exists as we’ve seen it.

The Shepwayvox Team

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  1. Nice call Shepwayvox, especially the bit about seeing the evidence.

  2. If it were to go ahead it would ensure that the aspirations for air quality in the proposed charter for Otterpool Park would never be met. Adapting it for incoming customs checks would require a comprehensive re-design and be even more impractical.

  3. Leaves even more space for house-building if the plan is scotched, or am I just being cynical?

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