The Gateway To The Shepway Addresses Owned Offshore

Earlier Today we promised you all 145 addresses of properties held overseas. The vast majority of them are held in known tax haven jurisdictions. They cover the whole district of Shepway. The source of the data is from the land registry.


But before we share this info with you, here’s a little taster.

Horton Priory – (pictured) sits in the parish of Monks Horton, near Sellindge. It is a 12th Century priory and has been owned by three former Monarchs of England & Wales, Henry 1, King Henry VIII and Elizabeth 1. It is now owned by a Liechtenstein Trust which goes by the name of the Harwood Trust

The pdf’s are quite self explanatory but for those who are not sure this here’s a brief explanation. The first column is the title deed number. The second is the country where the property is owned. The third gives the UK address. The fourth is the owner/company who owns the property. The fifth column is where correspondence is sent to.

Some of the addresses are offshore properties we have previously written about, such as Lydd Holdings, Cozumel Estates, Quain Court, Dunstall Lane and others. It pleases us to see our research was spot on. And of course, that research was sometimes provided by you, the public. Thank you.

So without any further adieu, here are the addresses as promised as downloadable pdf’s

Shepway own1  Shepway own 2  Shepway own 3

 Shepway own 4.  Shepway own 5

The Shepwayvox Team

Thanks goes out to the photographer. 🙂


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  1. I see Bouverie House Middelburg Square Folkestone is listed as Acromas Insurance in Gibraltor.

    “Acromas Insurance Company Limited was formed in July 2003. We are a Gibraltar registered company and have a branch office in Folkestone, Kent. We are authorised by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar.”

    “As a member of the Saga Group, AICL complies with, and is subject to, all policies and processes that Saga plc has in place. AICL’s employees have to complete the same mandatory training as Saga employees. In addition, AICL is included within Saga’s wider audit and compliance activity to ensure we comply with both the law and Saga’s internal governance.”

    Next bit….
    In Kent’s richest 50

    “Andrew Goodsell 04/01/1959
    Goodsell is chief executive of Acromas, the company formed from the 6.2 billion merger of Folkestone-based Saga, the over 50s holidays to insurance group and the AA in 2007. Goodsell’s total proceeds from the deal were 144m. After-tax he should still be worth 133m.

    SV note……….This bit I don’t understand

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