Hypocrite? You Decide

Damian-Collins-Fake-NewsDamian Collins, MP for Folkestone & Hythe is chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee and we believe a hypocrite. Damian has recently written to the CEO’s of Facebook & Twitter requesting them to supply him information about FB and Twitter accounts related to the St Petersburg based, Internet Research Agency; which he alleges were posting content in the UK relating to UK politics.

“Any interference by foreign actors in the democratic process of the United Kingdom is clearly a serious matter” he states in his letter to Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter.

As chair of the committee he wrote to Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey (pictured) on the 19th Oct 2017, according to the  Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee webpage.

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Two weeks later – Nov 3rd 2017, Damian tells the world via his twitter feed that he has written to the CEO’s of Facebook & Twitter.

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On the 21st & 24th of Novemeber respectively, Damian receives a reply from Facebook & Twitter informing him they are more than willing to share information with his committee.

Now as chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Damian receives £15,235 on top of his £76,011 annual salary. Oh and lets not forget that £181,430 expenses claim he made in 2016/17, his biggest yet in his short career.

Hypocrisy by Damian Collins


According to the Charity Commission website, the Henry Jackson Society accounts for 2013, 2014 and 2015 list Damian Collins as a trustee. The Henry Jackson Society is a right wing think tank. Damian is a signatory

In 2015 the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) churned out vicious anti-Islam propaganda. (Damian is cited at the end of the article)

The HJS, of which Damian is a signed up signatory, seems unaware of the hypocrisy of someone who belongs to the Henry Jackson Society opining on the dangers of taking money to churn out propaganda for a foreign regime. In Jan 2017 the Sunday Times revealed that the Henry Jackson Society had been paid £10,000 a month to help Japan in its covert PR war against China. (Private Eye Issue 1458, page 8)

What we’d like to know is Damian going to investigate the Henry Jackson Society and its covert PR war it took up on behalf of Japan against China? What do you think?

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  1. Ten grand a month. Believe you me, I would have done it for a grand. www. paymeyourmoney. infinity 😉 The guys is a complete arsehole in my humble opinion. Well done for exposing the hypocrisy Shepwayvox

  2. And did Zuckerburg and Dorsey provide the information by today?

    Or did their lawyers simply ” refer Damien to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram”. ?

    They past on the requested information on the 21st & 24th of this month respectively

  3. Worrying divergence of loyalty. Expenses seem to be grotesque – will they go up when he goes to Russia next year as Putin’s guest for World Cup run by FIFA, which he allegedly despises?

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