Pimping Otterpool Park @ Kent Construction Expo 2017.

In our last post we informed you that the total funding to SDC from central Government to date, amounts to £1,250,000. Paid over three tranches: £750,000, £345,000 and £155,000. Apparently, the third payment received was somewhat short of the amount of £1.068m applied for by £913,000.

We informed you that the Reuben Brothers via Cozumel Estates Ltd BVI have contributed some money, but not a lot in the scheme of things to come. Well, now we can tell you the gross and the net amount they have paid to Shepway District Council. This information was obtained by FoI, by our public face.

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Now how has all the money been spent so far, on what, when and where across the 700 hectare site. Well, we don’t know that exactly, we do know some costs, but rather than give you a part picture, we’d rather wait and bring you the full picture.

Anyway, what we can tell you is that some of the money was spent by SDC on going to the Kent Construction Expo in Oct 2017. Rebecca Kearney, Project Manager for Otterpool Park, Arcadis Design and Consultancy (pictured left below) shared a platform with  Julia Wallace Project Manager – masterplanning and design (pictured centre) and Dr Susan Priest, Corporate Director – Strategic Development (pictured right) at Shepway District Council. They were highlighting flexible employment opportunities and ecology as key considerations amongst other things

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They were all at the Kent Construction Expo 2017 to discuss Otterpool Park – A garden town for the future panel session.  Julia Wallace can be seen at 1:04 of the video below. Dr Priest can be seen from 1:22 – 1:30 of the video.

So that’s how some of the money has been spent. What we do find strange though is that SDC have received £1.25 million of public money and made a bid for forward funding of £281 million, while the Reuben Brothers, via their company, Cozumel Estates Ltd BVI have contributed £609,000 towards Otterpool Park. It appears that the public purse and the UK taxpayer are the ones who are contributing the most to the development of Otterpool Park. But hey, appearances can be deceptive.

It should not be forgotten that the Reuben Brothers Net worth was £14 billion according to the Sunday Times Rich List. Plus they hold Retail Holdings, Developments in Piccadilly – London, Millbank Tower – London and investments in Romania, Czech Republic and Russia – Moscow.

If you’d like to know why the Reuben Brothers have contributed only £609,000 then you can write to

david.monk@shepway.gov.uk  – alistair.stewart@shepway.gov.uk

and they might just give you an explanation, but don’t hold your breath.

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