RIP David Taylor 1940 – 2017.


Over the last few hours the strangest thought has plagued me.  Two simple ugly words have kept emerging, only for me to lock them out and ridicule them as bizarre.  David’s dead.  Just to write it down feels like treachery.  Part of me looks forward to seeing him, to sharing a drink and dispelling this nonsense.  He’d say something wry, and witty and that would be that.  He was good like that.  Was.  Sometimes the shittiest word to ever have to use about a dear and wonderful friend.

I knew his health had deteriorated and he wanted the privacy so asked me and the team not to spread the word.  We weren’t the kind of friends who lived out of each other’s pockets.  There are many who were closer to him than me and I wish them all my love.  But for almost 5 years he was always there.  A rock, solid and unswerving in his passion to make Folkestone and Shepway a better place.


His altruism; a word he often said was devoid in certain people’s vocabulary in Folkestone, helped others find jobs, re- invigorate their self belief and gave identity to a community which ended up having Sunflower House at its heart.

David was much, much more than just The Sprucer, Sunflower House. He was grandfather, a dad who raised a family, who he regularly spoke of with loving pride.  His loss will leave a big hole in many lives.  The last thing he would want is tears, but he will get them.

david taylor - the interviewr

For myself, if you find me hassling you to come help clear up the litter, or go for a cycle ride then sorry, but it’s because David isn’t there anymore.  And those are hard words to write, to accept as real.  I will miss you David.  I’m sorry I didn’t see you so often while you were so sick but glad my last memories of you are happy ones, smiling and laughing about the enemy within our midst.  Rest well David, you deserve it.   Love and rage.

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  1. Condolences from here. Your post really moved me as I lost one of my first customers on Saturday. When I went self employed it was a bit of a leap in the dark but my main ground rule was that I would only work for people that I liked- I have worked for too many shits in the past.
    I met Joyce in 2012 when she was 90- I have spent many hours drinking coffee and chatting with her since then while looking after her garden- she was one of the most remarkable people i have ever met. David sounds like a similar soul- supporter of the community, decent and generally nice. There is not enough of this about.
    Joyce died on Saturday but had lived independently until October, even up to her last week’s was worrying not only about her garden that she knew she was never to see again but also called to say how pleased she was to see the end of the lorry park- I was boggled that she still found the strength to be concerned.
    RIP David
    RIP Joyce
    Decent residents of our community
    You are too, Shepwayvox is a much appreciated concern.
    Seasons greetings

  2. The world is full of people like David — we have to believe this to preserve our sanity — who leave the world a better place than they found it, who leave those who never knew them sad that they didn’t, and who make us more determined to keep the flame of decency alight.

  3. RIP ……

  4. Absolutely gutted to her this. Such a Gentleman and a real town hero.

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