Speculative Discussions.

Screenshot from 2018-01-05 17-35-22Channel Ports Ltd & Stop 24 are in ongoing speculative discussions about extending the Lorry Park at Stop 24 by another 300 places.  It currently has space for 200 lorries. They are sounding out the movers and shakers and Paul Wells MD of Channel Ports Ltd (pictured) has already met with representatives of Stanford Parish Council prior to Christmas, who we understand  were “not particularly supportive” of any such development on the land below.

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We have been informed  a meeting is to be held at Stop 24 between Stop 24, Channel Ports and John Forge, owner of Westenhanger Castle (pictured) next Wednesday (10th Jan 2018). Any development will impact on Mr Forge’s business and it makes sense for them have discussions with him.

It is understood the Landowner of the strip of land, David Holt of Stanford, has had discussions with Channel Ports Ltd prior to the Judicial Review. We have tried to contact Mr Holt, however, he is currently overseas enjoying a much warmer climate.

It makes clear financial sense for Channel Ports Ltd to extend the Lorry Park site they already have. Brexit alone makes it a wise and sensible solution for them, but do the people of Stanford wish to be the Frontline for lorries to be checked in or out of Britain? Shouldn’t that be and remain the job of Dover Harbour Board, who are expanding the port so could not doubt accommodate more lorries.

You don’t actually need to own land to apply for planning permission for it. This means you can apply for permission before deciding whether or not to buy a piece of land. If planning permission is granted, then one could sell the land to those who applied for the planning permission. But no doubt Channel Ports are checking as to what Shepway District Council’s initial response might be to any planning application, that would be wise and prudent action.

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We note that on Thursday 11th Jan at 7pm at the Civic Centre, there will be a Shepway District & Parish Councils’ Joint Committee meeting. At agenda item eight an update will be provided by Chris Lewis, SDC Planning Advisor (pictured) about the Lorry Park. For those of you interested there will also be an update on Otterpool Park (Agenda Item 7).

We make it clear the discussions are speculative and have NOTHING to do with Operation Stack.

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  1. Poor old Stanford Parish Council is certainly living in “interesting times”

    It’s lucky that they have two SDC councillors in Carey and Hollingsbee who are fighting hard on behalf of their constituents…..

    “Susan Carey and Jenny Hollingsbee were elected to the newly created two councillor ward of North Downs West on 07 May 2015 on a 75% turnout (the highest in the district) and 71 % of the vote (the highest share of vote in the district).
    They are grateful for the support they received.”

    Ironic or what…………

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