Applications South Kent Coast CCG has made for s106 money.

On Valentine’s Day we mentioned in the second half of our post that the NHS South Kent Coast CCG  took on responsibility for making the applications for s106 when they became delegated; which was from 1st April 2017 onwards.

Since April 1st 2017 the South Kent Coast CCG have made 14 applications for s106 money. However,

  • No money has been secured by South Kent Coast CCG for any applications made to date and so practices have not received any contributions, however listed below are the details of the applications the CCG has made since they took on responsibility:

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So in the Shepway area – as the South Kent Coast CCG also covers swathes of the Dover District too, we can see that a sum of £352,152 will, once secured, be allocated to an extension of the Oaklands Surgery in Hythe (pictured) and an unspecified site in Folkestone. The rest of the money, once secured, will be allocated to other surgeries across the area covered by the South Kent Coast CCG.

So now we know the South Kent Coast CCG is responsible for securing s106 monies. How can South Kent Coast CCG (SKC CCG) spend the s106 money once it has been secured?

Most s106 agreements allow for the following improvements:

  • The expansion of health premises to provide addition facilities and services to meet increased patient or user numbers. (Only three surgeries saw a decrease in numbers in 2017)

  • New health premises or services at local level

  • Any new facility to compensate for the loss of a health facility caused by development.

Historically the need for a health facility or the sum to be requested in SKC CCG area for health under s106 was based on a calculation consisting of estimated occupancy x number of units in the development x £360.00

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So how much will that bring in for Princes Parade, well £151,200, as is made clear in the FoI Response. How much for Otterpool Park, Biggins Wood and other development set out in the draft local plan? A fair sum, a sum to help and enlarge our GP Premises facilities and provide new services to the people of Shepway?

So to put that into perspective, if a proposal for a 400 dwelling development the initial calculation would be 2.8 persons x 400 dwelling units x £360 = £403,200.

Shepway DC planning is currently holding onto agreements from a number of s106/CIL agreements that need to be committed to health estate improvements, or actively engaged in securing s106 agreements. The s106 agreement determines where the funds should be spent and the specific project.

We hope you’ll pass this onto your doctor, and your patient participation group within your surgery, asking them to lobby the CCG for monies as they’ll be plenty of development and your Surgery could expand its health premises and offer new services to you and your community. A worthy cause to lobby the CCG for we believe, what do you think?

You can send any information to  – southkentcoast dot ccg @ nhs dot net –

Good luck

The Shepwayvox Team

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