Sir Roger’s seafront development s73 application deferred.

The s73 application – Y171099SH (Folkestone Seafront Development) made by The Folkestone Harbour Limited Partnership has been temporarily deferred. This is to allow officers of the Council and the Councillors to seek legal advice on whether or not the application is, or is not, a s73 application as per the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.

Now to us this a wise and shrewd move by Cllrs as all too recently Cllrs erred in their judgement and ended up costing the Council and its ratepayers close to £50,000, when they lost a recent Judicial Review.

In the video below one can see those who spoke against the s73 application:

  • Mark Hourahane – 34:37

  • Folkestone Town Councillor Richard Wallace 37:30

  • Cllr Mary Lawes – 40:50

  • Cllr Susan Wallace – 45:15

Speaking for the development on behalf of Sir Roger De Haan was

A phenomenal amount of People from across the district have raised their concerns and challenge whether the s73 application is a minor or major amendment, just like our Cllrs. Also it brought a lot of people out to witness the machinations of the planning committee’s deliberations on the matter; which we believe is only good for democracy, because who truly would like a building as tall as 20,30,or 35 metres in front of their home?

Screenshot from 2017-09-11 16-52-13

The Folkestone Seafront Development is an issue which has been rumbling along, causing startling headlines in the local press comparing Folkestone to Benidorm on Oct 12, 2017 – see below. Cllr Pascoe a Cllr not shy of controversy made it clear that “I don’t buy a local paper because it’s full of rubbish and I go online. I go online and find all I want there.” (1hr 13:30 onwards)

Screenshot from 2018-04-04 11-37-41

Now the local press were in attendance both the Folkestone & Hythe Express – Sean Axtell (pictured standing) and The Folkestone Herald  – Victoria Chessum (seated middle) and on the right another member of the Folkestone Herald team.

Local press

However, to be fair to the press, Cllr Lyons took issue with Cllr Pascoe as the local press “do provide a very valuable service.”

The public, as we said were out in force to hear and demonstrate their strength of feeling about this particular planning application Y17/1099/SH. The Council provided another “spill over room” – the Middleburg room, where the Council provided a live link to the proceedings. We understand there were some technical issue to start with but were quickly resolved. The public gallery in the Council Chamber was jam packed.

packedWe must congratulate The Chair of Planning (The Harry Kane of Chairman) – Cllr Clive Goddard  (pictured below – left) and Head of Planning, Ben (Lionel Messi) Geering (pictured below right) and his officers ran and explained the meeting incredibly well and should be complimented for what they did under difficult circumstances.

Clive and ben

Finally, in the video above is also the Sellindge Application Y16/1122/SH from 1 hr 33 onwards. But we’ll bring you more of that soon.

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