He’s back.

Update: 15/05/18 Folkestone & Hythe District Council have informed our public face by way of Facebook the Following statement:

Hi Bryan. Alistair is returning for a short period of time at the request of the current senior management team to provide historical context and input into a Local Government Association Peer Review. This is due to due to take place in June 2018.

Several disgruntled members of Folkestone & Hythe District Council Cabinet have contacted us to let us know that former Chief Executive Alistair Stewart will be returning to undertake a temporary position within FHDC in June. After less than two months away Alistair will be returning at the end of this month/beginning of June. Certain members of FHDC’s Cabinet are not happy with this situation.


Alistair we are informed is returning to assist his replacement, Dr Susan Priest (pictured) in appraising staff and undertaking interviews of FHDC staff. To what end is not yet known.

Alistair who left the Council as both Chief Exec and Head of Paid Service, trousered £183,496.98 on his departure on March 31st 2018.

We understand that it is NOT a permanent post and the the position will only be a temporary one.  However the same was said about Mr Peter Wignall who left the Council in 2014 only to return “temporarily” in 2015 and remains at the Council today. It is not know how much he will be remunerated for his “temporary” position.

Mary Lawes 2

Our public face spoke with Cllr Mary Lawes (Ind) (pictured) who believes Alistair’s return is “disgraceful”.

Our public face contacted the Council communication team who were all unfortunately in a meeting.

We too have asked other Cllrs for their thoughts regarding Alistair’s return, but alas none were as brave as Cllr Lawes about going on the record.

The Shepwayvox Team – Dissent is NOT a crime.


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5 Comments on He’s back.

  1. Unbelievable…….. and yet only under the Tories is this believeable..

    So he’s back helping Priest do her job.. Is she that useless then?

    Does that mean that she’s managed to raise her Peter Principle rating at the Folkestone Hythe and Dymchurch Council ?

    Why didn’t they employ John Bunnett in the post… At least he looks half competent and has actually been a Chief Executive..

  2. Revolving doors are everywhere and are a disgrace and a scandal. Those who choose to walk through them deserve to be humiliated. Thank you for bringing this example to the attention of the general public.

  3. Maybe he’s got hidden money in the nuclear fall out , under the civic…..

  4. John Bunnett likes services in house ie Parking, Waste management. So he would never get it. Why pay company’s money to make profit from tax payers money.

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