Otterpool Park update – Compulsory purchase of land belonging to Berwick Manor Farm- Lympne.

“Hundreds of acres of land are to be compulsory purchased to allow for the building of a secondary school.” says Michael Owen a diary farmer at Berwick Farm, Lympne. The land owned by the Owen family has been a diary farm for over 50 years. It is now to make way for a Secondary School on the Otterpool Park site.

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In his latest piece for Lympne Parish Newsletter to be published in the next few days, he goes onto say:

district today

“On the 21st May FHDC published a newsletter – Your District Today (pictured) –  in which there was no mention whatsoever that they are taking several hundreds of acres of good grade two land. Never a letter to the owners or a phone call. They want to build a secondary school on land they don’t own which involves pulling some houses etc down. FHDC own 370 acres, do those first!” he goes on to say “We elect Councillors, it would be nice if some of them stuck up for the electors. Let democracy reign. They think we will get used to thirty to forty thousand more population plus two cars per house. Like Brexit have a vote!”

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2 Comments on Otterpool Park update – Compulsory purchase of land belonging to Berwick Manor Farm- Lympne.

  1. Mr Owen is right. Good arable land being “stolen” at a time when we will need every acre post 2019 to grow our own crops or risk importing them at vastly inflated prices. He is also right that he should have a say in what happens to his land and it should not have a CPO imposed upon it without his knowledge or agreement. Yes he is also right about our councillors who all appear to be traitors to the residents who they are supposed to support and defend!! None of what FHDC are proposing, in the document delivered to us recently, is acceptable to the majority of residents in the areas affected. So where is our democracy. Certainly not here!! All the councillors incl. MONK seem to have their own agenda and own interests only at heart!!

  2. We are talking about many Hectares of land here. How many areas were considered before Mr Owen was coerced into relinquishing his productive property?

    Was Mr Owen offered full market value including a compensation factor, or was he offered a scale payment?

    There are areas of this article requiring more comprehensive information.

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