Princes Parade, Development or Destruction?

Jack Brophy – Published on 6 Aug 2018

‘Prince’s Parade, Development or Destruction?’ is documentary about a small section of coastal land in Kent (UK) called Princes Parade. Princes Parade has been tested by both humans and the sea, a sanctuary for a cross section of coastal and fresh water species. With the ever growing value of coastal land, and continual pressure from the government to build new houses the council once again attempt to develop this stretch of land. In this documentary we examine the arguments for and against building on Princes Parade.
Directed and Edited by Jack Brophy
Produced by Mark Brophy
with Cinematography from Flynn Marwood
Music by Tony Hulse
Aerial Cinematography by Gary Winch Special
Thanks to Jim Martin
Val Loseby
David Monk
Jbrophy Film & Utopian Cinematics

GH5 & GH5S, Sigma Art 18-35, Tamron 70-200, Leica 12-60

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1 Comment on Princes Parade, Development or Destruction?

  1. Slurry-Kent // August 13, 2018 at 20:31 // Reply

    A well presented video but factually incorrect. Comments from Val Loseby and Jim Martin state that proposed development known as Otterpool New Town has been approved and going ahead. This is, of course, inaccurate and suggests to the less informed among us that the Otterpool development is a ‘done deal’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let us hope that the motive for such a crass statement isn’t to surrender the fight against Monk and his dystopian Otterpool dream so as to keep Princes Parade free from urbanisation. Further information on the fight against Otterpool can be viewed here:

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