The dead and Hythe Bowling Club

How is it possible dead people, four dead people at that, to remain on a title deed lodged at the Land Registry?

It is not the first time we have discovered dead people still named on title deeds years after they have passed away.

Hythe Bowling Club (Kent) was founded in 1904 and is situated just South of the Military Canal and about a hundred yards from the town centre.

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Hythe Bowling Club

On the 17th February 1994, Hythe Town Council signed a lease with Hythe Bowls Club for a period of 99 years at an annual rent of £1 a year.

Three of the four signatures were, a retired solicitor, a retired surveyor, a former carpet business owner in Hythe and the fourth’s occupation remains unknown.

Yet as we said these four people, all dead now, still remain on the title deed, not just the lease.


So Hythe Bowls Club pay a £1 a year, whereas Folkestone bowls club (page 3) pay £15,000. Now we are not suggesting they pay as much as Folkestone Bowls Club, but £1 surely is not a realistic sum. The lease ought to be re-negotiated so the citizens of Hythe receive a fair rent and get value for money.

We would ask how all this was overlooked, first by Hythe Bowls Club and secondly by Hythe Town Council. Surely somebody should be monitoring such things in both organisations. It is quite incredible that dead people remain on the title deed, but as we said at the beginning, this is something we have come across before.

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  1. This is worthy of inclusive in the book titled “Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK”

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