Roman’s Assets: enter the lawyers

“Let’s kill all the lawyers.”

William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2

We have received a letter from DAC Beachcroft  Chelsea Portfolio Ltd chosen lawyers. They of course disagree with our concerns regarding money laundering. We cannot unfortunately publish it for legal reasons, as at some later date it may become part of court proceedings; which we will defend if necessary.

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There are some discrepancies which need answering regarding Pensand House & Marlborough Court (pictured above)

The Times Article makes clear that Mr Abramovich (pictured right) was the owner of Valmet Nominees Ltd & Finsbury Nominees Ltd in 1996, the year of the purchase of Pensand House & Marlborough Court and 3/4 Dalby Square, Margate. The lawyers say the article correctly state the corporate structure we have set out is correct. This is not in dispute. So our understanding of the ownership issues are correct at 1996.

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In 2011 a court case between

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at footnote 65 page 30, it makes clear at (ii)

  • Certificate of Change of Name of Valmet Nominees Limited (formerly Riggs Valmet Nominees Limited) (Sept. 25, 1995) (Exhibit RME-51)

  • At footnote 105(iv) page 41, Finsbury Nominees Limited is mentioned too.

It also references The Bank of New York, embezzlement and fraud.

Nationwide set out Money Laundering as a three step process which takes time. It says:

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So lets look at the offshore tax havens:

UK, Gibraltar, Bahamas, BVI’s Panama, Nevada (USA) and Jersey where Mr Abramovich formally has residency, a tax haven, but has never taken it up.

And who could forget Irina Korchagina, who is a the person of significant control in Tewkesbury Finance Ltd which has a subsidiary – Tewkesbury Espana SL, registered in the Malaga region and owned by Valmet Nominees Ltd. Abramovich has been linked to Spain in reports by The Guardian.


We are not saying money laundering has happened nor have we ever said that. What we are certainly saying is that when judged against Nationwide’s three step process, rightful and justifiable concerns need to be raised, especially given that so many allegations of money laundering  have and continue to swirl around Mr Abramovich.


There is much much more in the public domain linking Mr Abramovich to allegations of money laundering, none have yet been proven, but the allegations persist.

We believe it was right that Nationwide has begun a “prompt and full investigation into our justifiable and proportionate concerns.

We stand by our concerns and the posts we have published and if necessary will defend any legal action brought.

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