Leisure Centre on Aldi’s Hythe Site?

It’s worth considering, well at least giving some thought to, we believe.

Aldi’s in the centre of Hythe is up for sale. Aldi’s purchased the land for £1.5 million in June 2000 according to the Land Registry. We understand they are looking for approximately £2 million for the site, according to those overseeing the sale. Following Aldi’s relocation to new premises nearby, the property will be available with vacant possession from mid 2019.

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Aldi’s, do not own the car park, Folkestone & Hythe District Council do and it is one of their best money spinners in the district.

The site we believe would be big enough to accommodate a leisure centre in a central location, making it accessible by those in Hythe and beyond. It would be good for the High St and save the Council a lot of headaches about stopping up roads, surface water and other issues.

The question is how would the residents of Hythe and The Save Princes Parade campaign group feel about putting a leisure centre in the centre of Hythe?

And would Folkestone & Hythe District Council even consider purchasing the site for such a project?

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5 Comments on Leisure Centre on Aldi’s Hythe Site?

  1. Not a suitable site in my view, not large enough and we need another food òutlet to replace Aldi. A co-op would be ideal.

  2. I’m not sure that a central town location would be appropriate for a Leisure Centre but feel that an indoor market with outside High Street stalls in the Summer would be a better solution. This would avoid extensive specialist construction/town centre disruption during construction whilst providing low cost ‘start-up’ retail outlets for local artisans, smallholders etc. Conversion cost would be relatively low and the opportunity to re-instate an access onto the High Street Plaza could be a welcome advantage.

  3. Mr Loverman // October 11, 2018 at 06:11 // Reply

    I’m not sure a market would work as the returns on that would mean no chance of an investment, unless you can get people to crowd fun/get grants. However, a leisure centre in a town centre (Lots of towns have it and it works) means that transport connections are good (or at least better than other more outlying areas) and brings more people to the town to spend money. “We’re going for a swim then we’ll go for lunch on the high street…” It will create a “busy-ness” which helps to make a town vibrant, which for example Folkestone has lost in many places. I’m all for it – then they don’t need to develop Princess Parade too! 🙂

  4. It’s such an obvious solution to the problem. 2 storey leisure centre in the centre of town with parking available. People should be able to walk to the leisure centre.
    This site is too valuable to be lost to another commercial interest. We’re surrounded by supermarkets. How much shopping do people need to do in a town this size?
    If not a leisure centre then a walk in minor injuries unit with all our doctors under one roof

  5. Depends on the definition of a leisure centre – this site is no where near big enough for a leisure centre with a swimming pool.

    Also digging below ground level at this location (i..e. for a pool/pools) could be problematic as it is mainly shingle/ gravel I think.

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