High Court refuse Michael Stainer right to appeal Income Tax & Paye decision.

In March 2018 Mr Michael Stainer; who lost the ownership of The Grand in 1995, lost his appeal to the Upper Tier Tribunal of the Tax & Chancery Chamber, regarding unpaid Income Tax and PAYE  for the companies mentioned below.Court Stainer

The case reference was UT/2016/0132, and in untypical Stainer fashion, he delayed his appeal to the High Court until July 30th as was his right.  Interestingly, he never mentioned this appeal in any of the various bankruptcy hearings we have reported, when seeking an adjournment. Even on the September 17th hearing, when in addition to his company insolvencies, he and his wife faced personal bankruptcy, he remained silent as this appeal.

So perhaps no surprise when today, 15th Oct 2018, the High Court refused this application for leave to appeal the March decision. So how come you left it so late Mr Stainer, to lodge your application asking for leave to appeal? An oversight?  Not for an experienced litigator, to use the Tribunal’s description of him, surely. Now Mr Stainer could appeal again – on a point of law – however, the likelihood of success is negligible.

stainer picking his nose  richardson

So Mr Stainer, you owe the tax man a lot of money, we ask when will you pay? We also ask Mr Robert Richardson (pictured above right), Mr Stainer’s henchman, when he might run a successful business at The Grand one which turns a profit and doesn’t end up owing the tax man a fortune, or leaving the taxpayer to pick up the tab. Is Mr Richardson capable of running a company which turns a profit? Richardson remains at the heart of all of the commercial activities at the Grand and never misses an opportunity to celebrate his “successes” – although he is remarkably quiet about the chaos around him. In his words:

  • “As General Manager of The Grand I have a strong focus on delivering long-term results and adding value to the organisation, leading all aspects of the business.”

So Mr Richardson what financial “value” have you added to the any of the companies registered at the Grand, and especially those one’s where you were a director? 

So we ask you Mr Stainer, Mr Richardson when are you going to turn a profit and when are you going to pay your share of the maintenance fund and what is owed to the tax man?

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3 Comments on High Court refuse Michael Stainer right to appeal Income Tax & Paye decision.

  1. Appeals beyond the Upper Tribunal to the Court of Appeal require permission to appeal, and are only on points of law. If the Upper Tribunal refuses this leave to appeal, then approval may be sought from the Court of Appeal.

    Appeals from the Upper Tribunal are limited to cases which would raise some ‘important point of principle or practice’ or for some other ‘compelling reason’

  2. How come they owe hundreds of thousands to HMRC and others and yet boast of the money they spend on interior design and new furniture https://twitter.com/grandresidents/status/1052153475725971457?s=12 Have they no shame?

  3. Plus the money on tax QCs etc. Having been refused leave to appeal to the High Court, they have now appealed directly to the High Court. This man is keeping the legal profession afloat single-handed.

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