Part 2: One A & E for East Kent?

The cost to build a new hospital at Canterbury would be in the region of £120 million. A hospital of this cost would be able to accommodate between 850 -900 beds, according to several experts we have spoken to. To build a hospital for this price would mean the number of affordable homes within the 2,000 proposed alongside the hospital, would drop from 30% to approximately 10%. This equates to a potential loss of 400 affordable homes.  By losing these 400 homes this would generate additional value to contribute to the provision of the new hospital shell. Furthermore, the meaning of the word “shell” would incorporate a complete building with gas, electricity, water running to it, landscaping, roads and all other matters. The only thing required for the NHS to do would be to fit the building out with medical equipment, beds and other items to make it function.  We understand from a variety of sources the developer is very reluctant to take on this part of the job as they have no previous experience.

Of course, any new hospital or the building of 2,000 homes in and around the current Kent & Canterbury Hospital site, is still only a desire, not a certainty, as NO planning consent has yet been given.

The Shepwayvox Team now understand from a growing number of sources,the Chief Executive of East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) Susan Acott (pictured below left), has had meetings with the landowners chosen developer Quinn Estates. We also understand Liz Shutler (centre) Deputy Chief Executive/ Director of Strategic Development and Capital Planning and Finbarr Murray (right) Director of Estates and Facilities have been involved with these discussions too.

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Talks have also taken place with senior staff at the four East Kent CCG’s, who have all been placed in special measures. Ashford CCG (£13m deficit), South East Coast CCG  (£7.3m deficit), Canterbury and Coastal CCG  (£9.5m deficit.) and Thanet CCG which broke even.

Conversation began in the Summer of 2017 with all parties including the landowners

  • Canterbury City Council

  • Kent County Council


  • Mr Pope – a local farmer

  • Wacher Family a local family with a long tradition to healthcare

  • The Developer – Quinn Estates

mq offices

Now as we understand it, there is no legal agreement between the parties as of yet. There are though options based on a gentleman’s agreement between the parties and the Wacher’s chosen developer, Quinn Estates.

Much has been made of Mr Quinn’s involvement plus hisdonationsto the Conservative Party and or their local associations of nearly £46,000 over the last three years.

Screenshot from 2018-10-28 07-37-18

As we have previously made clear,Mr Quinn has though made £12,000 worth of donations to the Labour Party this year according to the electoral commission. So a total of £57,715 in donations over 3 years. When compared with the Reuben Brothers donations of £850,400, via Investors In Private Capital Limited, the Guarantor for Cozumel Estates, or Mr Aaron Banks £8 million pound “donation” to Leave EU, Mr Quinn’s donations are utterly insignificant.

Screenshot from 2018-10-31 11-52-44

Moving on, Mr Quinn has met with the Rt Hon John Healey, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Housing (below left) to advise and discuss Housing Policy

john-healey Matt Hancock

We understand that at some point in the future, Mr Quinn will probably meet with the Health Secretary Matt Hancock MP (above right), what they will discuss is not known, but we are sure the hospital may well be on the agenda.

It is our belief, if properly financed, the NHS could have three A & E’s to serve the districts East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust cover.

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  1. Kentonline Bias? // November 4, 2018 at 12:01 // Reply

    Why aren’t the local press reporting so hard on the donations? Is it because they take sponsored editorial’s – ie paid for – from Mr Quinn and/or his companies?

    See: –

  2. I noticed when there were comments left on a kent on line feature about Mr Quinn they were removed PDQ.

  3. Why are the local press not reaching out to the people in Thanet who do not have internet access?

  4. For the real story best contact Nick Brown of Atlas Partners Investments. They have already made clear that the A and E is totally affordable if both Canterbry city council Kent County council and EKHUFT accept the deal that APIL have proposed.
    N B

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