Breaking News: Who is in charge at the Grand?

Following the shock new of the bankruptcies of Michael and Doris Stainer and the liquidation of more of their companies, just who is running the day-to-day activities at the Grand and under what authority? Keeping the Grand open and its employees working and getting paid is clearly a priority but this doesn’t happen automatically.

Let’s be quite clear as to what the law says as to what SHOULDN’T be happening during an individual’s bankruptcy:

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This is what the Citizen’s Advice Bureau says are the consequences if you commit a bankruptcy offence. Firstly this, counts as a criminal offence. You could be punished with:

* a fine and/or

* being sent to prison for up to seven years.

In addition, you could also have a bankruptcy restrictions order made against you, extending the period during which you have to follow certain restrictions for anything up to 15 years.

Generally, the worse the offence, the more severe the punishment will be.

Now our follow up question: what are the consequences for someone who knowingly acts as the paid or unpaid agent of a bankrupt director in carrying out that bankrupt’s instructions to ensure “business as usual” for example? Just asking………..

In fairness, there is a dilemma here in that there might be need to maintain business continuity to preserve other parts of a business that were trading profitably. However, and unequivocally, this is the responsibility of an insolvency practitioner or the Official Receiver, not the bankrupt director.


So back to the Grand (pictured above) and the Stainers.

We hear from residents and employees that life is continuing as normal. We even hear that Mr Stainer (pictured below left) has repeatedly stated that it’s ‘business as usual’ and he is as visible as ever, including last Friday’s Conservative Party Annual Dinner along with our local MP Damian Collins (below right), at the Hythe Imperial.

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Supplies continue to arrive at the door, people continue to book holiday flats obviously unaware that their payments should be credited against the Stainers’ personal debts since these flats are now the property of the Official Receiver.


Keppels continues to serve alcohol under the direction of the new premises licence holder, Robert Richardson (pictured) (a man still on bail and under investigation by HMRC for potential criminal offences following his arrest in July 2015) as Michael Stainer is a disqualified person. Cheques are issued and signed………

So into the middle of this steps a new director, appointed by Michael Stainer in his last legal act as a director. According to the Companies House register, the new and sole director of:

* Folkestone Capital Ltd established 12 May 2015

* Hallam Estates Ltd established 14 December 1995

* Seaside Hosts Ltd established 13 September 2018

* Eastons Management Ltd established 30 November 1995


… is Henry Bolton OBE (pictured on his knees), former UKIP leader and a resident of the Grand. Mr Bolton has not been immune from controversy recently but has also served in both armed forces and the police force and was awarded the OBE in the 2013 New Year Honours “for services to international security and stabilisation” following his role as a Stabilisation Team Leader for the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Clearly that last role would serve him in good stead in the Grand, provided he is able to act with true independence of the previous directors. One example of that would be his willingness to blow the whistle on any ongoing activity on the part of the Stainers that violates the restrictions placed on them in bankruptcy, and to finally bring an end to 35 years of ‘warfare’ between residents and freeholder.

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  1. Looks like four more companies about to be struck off then.

    And then what?

    Another “cunning plan”?

  2. Is it April 1st?

  3. What a tangled web, check out company number 05984339 The Grand Folkestone Partner Limited. Liquidation notice of affairs estimated total deficiency of (£356,201.00) of which £66k owed to “The Stainer Trust”….I wonder how much the trust has tied up?

  4. The Stainer Trust? Is there any money in that pot and if so, where has it come from? Is it even in the UK?

  5. So now the local papers cannot refer to him as ‘owner’ of the Grand, nor can they call him a ‘chartered’ accountant. Should we have a competition for a new set of adjectives?

  6. Wonder if Mr Bolton has paid his service charges

  7. There is now a new director, Robert Graham Moss whose address is…… The Grand. He’s aged 68………………. is he for real?

  8. All those years of trading, all that hard work, all those revenues from the commercial elements of the Grand including the rents from the holiday lets of the Stainer’s appartments which have enjoyed freedom from maintenance charges and council tax and no taxable profit made, ever. Where did the profits go ? The Stainer Trust perhaps ?

  9. ‘Stainer. and ‘Trust’ in the same sentence?

  10. Strange how our MP, so concerned about “dodgy dealing” again appears to turn a blind eye when it is in his own constituency, wonder why?

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