Otterpool Park Update: The first but not the last

Back in Jan of this year, Folkestone & Hythe District Council decided to set aside £3.675 million for land and property acquisition within the boundary of the Otterpool Park Site

On July 18th at Cabinet  it was sanctioned that some of that £3.675 million could be spent. Of course the decision to hold this part of the agenda in public did not happen and both the press and the public were politely ejected.

Within weeks the Council sprung into action and began negotiating the purchase of property.

On the 28th Sept,  Folkestone & Hythe District Council paid £500,000 for  The Willows on the A20. The property became the council’s property on the 2/10/2018 according to documents at the land register.

The Willows A20 – Google My Maps

Purchased by F&HDC as is in boundary of Otterpool Park

The purchase of more land and property within the Otterpool Boundary will continue as the Council recently (Nov 28th) grant themselves permission to spend a further £10 million on land and property acquisition to progress the potential development of Otterpool Park

It is not a foregone conclusion that Otterpool Park will go ahead there are plenty of steps to take, and there may well be a legal challenge in the form of a Judicial Review; which of course could not stop the development necessairly, but it might potentially slow it down. But that’s for the future, for now we know the Council will continue buying up property and land.

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  1. These council “loans” are presumably repaid via Council Tax, so residents of F&HDC are paying for the Private Sector to make profits while giving little or nothing back, as such a scale of development is unnecessary. I wonder who will foot the bill for the infrastructure improvements required – it certainly will not be the developers imho.

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