The Grand: A victory for the residents.

The Upper Tier Property Tribunal yesterday (14th Jan 2019) threw out Hallam Estates appeal (you can download a pdf of decision at the end of this blog post) against the management order residents secured in July 2018.  This included a penal notice which is a statement of the consequences of non-compliance’ should the landlord fail to behave appropriately.  The irony of course that the instigator of this appeal, and the ‘target’ of litigation by residents since 2014, Michael Stainer (pictured with wife above), is now an anachronistic irrelevance having been bankrupted in November 2018.

Of course the Deputy Judge, Martin Roger QC would not have been aware of this when drafting his decision.  He pays some attention to the attempt of the Stainers to secure an adjournment of the original hearing April on medical grounds, stating that ‘although the FTT did not doubt the information contained in those certificates [of fitness for work] the information contained in those certificates was extremely limited‘. This was a point made at some length by residents to the adjournment and in countering the appeal and related to the alleged attack on Mr Stainer in January 2018.

The Deputy Judge also acknowledged ‘the extended history of which the FTT was fully aware‘, a reference to what he refers to as ‘the history of obstruction and the risk to the achievement of the objectives of the management order presented by the applicant’s [Hallam Estates] determination to be obstructive‘.

The implication to residents are substantial, especially the fact that Hallam Estates now must pay 25% of the total service charge bill, compared with the approximately 3% it historically paid.  This of course places a burden on those commercial entities still trading in the Grand and on the redoubtable henchman, Robert Richardson, (pictured) who in his role of general manager and former director of three companies registered at the Grand; which NEVER made a penny of profit,  has now got to find some £50,000 a year. Now according to his Linkedin page, Mr Richardson states he is: “Consistently successful in establishing professional award-winning teams, driving Customer Satisfaction and Profitability.” Yet as we said not a single company he has ever been a director of has made any profit whatsoever. No pressure then Robert. 

Finally, word has reached our ear that criminal charges against Michael Stainer, Doris Stainer and their redoubtable henchman Robert Richardson – all arrested in July 2015 and bailed, may well be laid against them all in the very near future.

You can read the Application to appeal to Upper Tier Tribunal which was refused here

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13 Comments on The Grand: A victory for the residents.

  1. A Grand member of staff // January 14, 2019 at 23:58 // Reply

    As a member of staff who works at The Grand, I like many others are happiest when Robert Richardson isn’t around. He tells us all a lot of untruths, especially with regards to what has been happening with Mr. Stainer’s bankruptcy. The sooner he leaves the happier we will all be.

  2. I think the future of the commercial area of the Grand lies in the hands of the staff. Every review I read has nothing but praise for their enthusiasm and professionalism and I have never, ever, uttered a word of criticism about them. Nonetheless, Mr Richardson has sought to characterise me as the enemy of the employees of the Grand and to use this as an excuse to ban me from the premises. I think the above very brave comment puts the lie to that falsehood.

  3. Another Grand Employee // January 15, 2019 at 13:00 // Reply

    Robert dear Robert is in my humble opinion a natural born liar, just like Mr & Mrs Stainer. I too work at the Grand and the smell of bulls**t coming from his mouth makes me and others wonder if he knows how to use a toothbrush, even though that would not help. When will Mr Moss ask him to jog on? The sooner the better for many of us here.

  4. Great news but as they are sure they have done nothing wrong when ever he is take to task when will the merry go round stop?

  5. Amidst all this opprobrium being heaped upon the Stainers and his acolytes one might consider that but for him no one would have a job there. Folkestone council wanted to demolish the Grand, he saved it.

    SV Team Reply: There is no evidence of this in the public domain either in the minutes of the Folkestone Corporation prior to 74 or after 74 when it became Shepway District Council

    • shepwayvox // January 15, 2019 at 17:15 // Reply

      There is NO evidence of that in the public domain only Stainer’s interpretation. No minutes when it was Folkestone Corporation prior to 74 or after when it became Shepway District Council

  6. A Grand Employee too // January 15, 2019 at 17:10 // Reply

    Robert Richardson is a wolf in sheep’s clothing same as Michael and Doris and as you readily point out, as does Companies House, none of them know home to make a profit. So where’s the money gone? When they get re-arrested, I’ll be taking photo’s and sending them to the Vox for sure. Can’t Wait.

  7. Very red Eddie // January 15, 2019 at 17:52 // Reply

    There was never any danger of demolition other than the demolition of the Stainer myth. Talk to someone who actually worked in the building pre-Stainer. And let’s remember how job creation was used to justify all sorts of excesses ranging from minor misdemeanours such as paying cash with no deductions for NIC etc (sounds familiar?) to Hitler’s policies. He certainly abolished unemployment!!!

  8. The Watchdog // January 16, 2019 at 15:28 // Reply

    I take my hat off to the boys and girls at the Grand. Everyone seems to have stories about Richardson’s behaviour and at last they’re going public. Separately he seems rather abruptly to have given up his job at the Folkestone Academy about which he often used to tweet in his usual self-congratulatory way. Can’t have been pressure of work judging from his networking engagements………………. any explanation?

  9. Very impatient // January 16, 2019 at 22:49 // Reply

    It was only be a real victory when Stainer has nothing to do with the building. He still acts as he were in charge toddling of to the banks, instructing staff, calling meetings in total breach of the law. The man is out of control and makes the law look an ass! As for the organ-grinders monkey with his multiple fake IDs, how’s the job hunting Bobby?

  10. Naturally suspicious // January 20, 2019 at 17:16 // Reply

    In reply to ‘Very Impatient’ we’ve been compiling a list of false names emanating from the Grand. It’s one thing writing anonymously — as in the Economist or Private Eye Magazine — or under and a nom de plume — as with hundreds of contemporary journalists. It’s quite another thing to assume a false name to confuse, mislead a public official, or pervert the course of justice……

  11. False names ? If Mr. Stainer is acting as if he is still in charge it is probably because he is still in charge. In charge of the companies that control the freehold and the commercial elements of the Grand albeit through nominees or maybe close friends and relatives. In which case the latest ruling changes nothing in effect. I doubt he can be prosecuted for having relatives or friends and pulling their strings would be nearly impossible to prove.

    Plus ca change…

  12. Very impatient // January 25, 2019 at 22:52 // Reply

    String pulling will be easily proved!!! Recordings of conversations exist, direct witnesses have testified, there is a paper trail. He can run but he can’t hide as he’ll discover….

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