Turner Schools Folkestone: Rewarding Failure part 2

Updated: 24/01/19 (19:57)

So in yesterday’s blog post about Turner Schools and Dr Jo Saxton (pictured) being rewarded for failing her pupils, her staff and the four schools, we mentioned that all numbers, across all schools, have dropped in Year 7, except Turner Free School (previously Pent Valley). Well according to an FoI response which Turner Schools had to pass onto Peter Read of Kent Advice website, here is the evidence of that:

The sixth form numbers at Folkestone Academy (FA) have dropped significantly too. We can reveal that they have fallen by an astonishing 45% in two years,  thanks to Peter Read’s  Kent Advice website.  Put another way,  the number of pupils entering the Sixth Form at FA has dropped by an astonishing 84 students to 101 over two years. Overall, school numbers at FA have fallen fell from 2,161 to 1,893 over the year, or 13.8% in the past year. This will have a  significant impact on Folkestone Academy’s finances, and may well mean further job losses.

So for falling numbers, the highest exclusion rate in Kent, going through four heads, not very good GCSE results and not being able to recruit a replacement Head for the academy, Dr Jo Saxton has rewarded herself with a salary of between £140,000 – £150,000. This is a substantial sum for a small and underperforming Trust, and a salary not commensurate with the ongoing failings we believe.

So with the evidence  now openly available, how long before Ms Jo Saxton steps aside  or steps down, to allow all four schools to recover and replenish pupil numbers? Or will her possible intransigence push all four schools of the financial cliff and destroy the pupils education and cause further job losses.?

Again we re-iterate, Ms Saxton should not be rewarded with such a substantial salary. The figures show she as Chief Executive and a trustee has failed and that she should either step aside or reduce her salary substantially.

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3 Comments on Turner Schools Folkestone: Rewarding Failure part 2

  1. Whatever you think about her management and her salary why are you spreading malicious gossip about her education? You don’t need to waste your time making enquiries about her PhD, took me about 3mins to find the details online!

    Theses title: An original artist: Nicolaus Knupfer (Leipzig ca. 1605?–Utrecht 1655) Saxton, Juliette Jo. New York University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2003. 3089327. Degree awarded: PhD

  2. A very thoughtful article which reinforces what I posted re the lack of formal accountability of academies to their communities

  3. She left my sixth form to rot, leaving us without proper teaching and moving us all last minute last year. Promising so many things, like our own new building, a PROM, teaching and pastoral care. We received nothing accept an old house room or two and a study space too small to fit the whole year. Horrible and disgusting.

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