Romney Marsh nuclear dump plans alive since Sept 2017

Back in Sept 2018 we told you that Folkestone & Hythe District Council (F&HDC) were actively considering a Geological Disposal Facility.

Now Kentonline Romney Marsh edition is echoing what we said five months ago. But dear reader, little does Kentonline realise the Council have been actively considering this since 2017.

We make it clear that F&HDC have been actively considering the idea of a Geological Disposal Facility (nuclear dump)  since at least Sept 2017 as is made clear by this photo of Cabinet Member for Special Projects Cllr David Godfrey – a man whose family has a long history with Romney Marsh – at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Stakeholder Summit in Cumbria on the 18-19 September 2017.

Now the strangest thing about Cllr Godfrey’s two day visit to this Stakeholder Summit – is that our public face each year asks for all Cllrs allowances expenses, and 2017/18 was no exception.

The whole team has gone over Cllr Godfrey’s allowances & expenses meticulously. We have found no travel, hotel or subsistence claims made by Cllr Godfrey whatsoever. Even the published figures by F&HDC for Cllrs allowances and expenses in 2017/18 show NO claims by Cllr Godfrey for travel or subsistence. We also note that Cllr Godfrey could have had his expenses paid for by another organisation or person. However, if this did happen it did not show up in his gift and hospitality register.

With the evidence provided by the Council’s website  means the only other possibility is Cllr Godfrey paid for his own hotel, or travel fare, whether by car or train, to Cumbria.  If this is so then that would be altruistic of him indeed. We think it more likely than not he did NOT pay for himself. However, you are free to choose what you want.

The Government have offered £1 million a year to Councils and Communities to incentivise those willing to explore the idea of hosting a Geological Disposal Facility (nuclear dump).

Now other countries who are seriously exploring this option are considering putting this nuclear material under mountain ranges. Now as most of you know vast swathes of Romney Marsh are a flood plain. The proposed scheme by the NDA would see miles of tunnels 200m to 1,000m underground, storing waste for 120 years before the facility is sealed.

We personally would like to know if the Council will allow a local referendum on this matter, as it is of significant importance. The people of the Marsh are too often forgotten and ignored by our Council, but this is matter of great importance and the good people of Romney Marsh should be allowed a referendum we believe.

F&HDC  may also be doing the hokey cokey for the million/s on offer, while the “explore” the possiibility only to pull out at at a later date.

Finally who could forget Cllr David Monk is Vice Chair of the Nuclear Legacy Advice Forum (NuLeaf)

You can see Cllr Godfrey in this YouTube video at 1 minute 46 seconds.

Comment was sought from Cllr Godfrey twice but a reply there came none

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6 Comments on Romney Marsh nuclear dump plans alive since Sept 2017

  1. Or maybe someone else paid his expenses

  2. What else can you expect from Kentonline, they are repeaters not reporters.

  3. I spent three years living beside Sellafield in Cumbria until recently and know more than the average person does about these facilities. And they are perfectly safe if constructed properly. Quite what the fuss is I am not sure. We want all the trappings of the modern age and this requires power which is provided in the main by cannibalising precious primary fuel sources such as gas and oil and burning them to produce heat/steam to drive turbines, or an irregular reliance on nature to blow or shine or we use nuclear power. We have a fair balance in this country which means we have nuclear waste which needs to be safely disposed of. Or we cut back on the stuff that we all take for granted so that we can cut, in turn, our reliance on electricity. Who will be the first or are all of you secretly hoping that it will be someone else that makes sacrifices.

  4. Everything is dumped on the marsh. Why?? A flood plain and easily contaminated. No thank you we can do without this.

  5. Question: Is it not true that Rpmney Marsh is a high risk area for flooding, as stated by the Environment Agency? So doesn’t this make the siting of a Nuclear Waste Storage facility a VERY VERY high RISK/

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