I am confused.

The Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party have stated on the record that their policy towards Princes Parade & Otterpool Park is:

Labour are opposed to the plans for Princes Parade and Otterpool Park. A Labour Council will scrap the plans for both projects immediately.

Now that is great, truly it is. However, Labour candidate for the North Downs West ward, Sophie Mort where part of the Otterpool Park site sits, has said, and we quote in full:

Sophie Mort, standing in North Downs West for Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

Resident in Swan Lane, Sellindge for the last ten years.

OTTERPOOL (bearing in mind the Council has already bought the site and received government funding for a garden town)

  • Reduce the number of houses to 6000.

  • 30% of this housing to be affordable, with local people having first option. 70% of local market rent is the current guideline for affordable.  There are 1000 people on the housing waiting list who need to have their housing needs met before incomers.  First homes for local families to purchase also to be available.

  • All houses to be freehold, not leasehold

  • All amenity land to be managed by the council, without service charges to residents

  • Improve existing public footpaths. Encourage cycling and walking, and the use of Westenhanger train station.

  • Develop a new GP surgery for Otterpool

  • Plan for increased water usage

  • Ensure Section 106 money is used transparently, for the benefit of the community, in consultation with the local community by introducing neighbourhood forums.

Now of course none of this seems to reconcile with what the Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party are saying. Their candidate – Sophie Mort – in the ward where part of the Otterpool site sits is saying something completely different. She is saying yes to 6,000 homes. So perhaps you can understand why I am confused. The left hand does not seem to know what the right hand is doing. And Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party have said they are being clear. Well yes, as clear as mud.

Also I ask Folkestone & Hythe Labour party, The Green Party and the The Lib Dems how they intend to extricate the Council  from the signed agreement with the Reuben Brothers, British Virgin Island company, Cozumel Estates Ltd. We’d like to remind them all  the Reuben Brothers according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2018, are worth £15.096 billion. Our Council has an income of approx £100 million annually. If it were to end in a legal fight how would each of the above parties keep your Council Tax rates down?

So I make this clear, the policies of the local Labour Party, the local Green Party and the Lib Dems, regarding Otterpool Park, leaves me and you none the wiser on how they intend to extricate themselves from the 50/50 agreement the Council have already signed. I hope at the forthcoming rally in Hythe on Sat 27 April (10.30am, Douglas Avenue) they will clarify their position, and let us all know how they intend to walk away from the agreement with the Reuben Brothers, without costing us all a pretty penny, and end my, and perhaps your confusion.

Vote Bryan Rylands

Folkestone Central Ward – May 2nd 2019

I accept postal votes.

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  1. I don’t think we can tar all local Cllrs with the some brush, nor all candidates. But it is a damn fine question which deserves an answer from all parties concerned. I don’t want a 17th year where my Council Tax is the highest in Kent, nor I suspect do other residents.

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