Local Tories Landlord, Ray Johnson, says closure of Debenhams will not be a disaster.

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Ray Johnson (pictured) for those of you who do not know, is Chairman of the Folkestone Town Team who mentioned that the closure of Debenhams would not be a disaster. Folkestone Town Team Limited is a company in its own right, registered at Companies House (CH) and has outstanding paperwork which has not been lodged according to the CH website. The nature of its business is Management consultancy activities other than financial management.

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Cllr John Collier, he that is trying to bag a free piece of the land, is the Folkestone & Hythe District Council representative and contact.


Little do many people know that Mr Ray Johnson is also part owner of the Folkestone & Hythe Conservative building at No 4 West Cliff Gardens. So as their landlord he would know all our local Cllrs very well. This hidden connection – well not one spoken about openly and transparently demonstrates clearly that there are quango’s who interfere in our town and are not in anyway accountable to the people.

It could also be seen that Mr Johnson is acting as the mouthpiece for his Tory chums due to purdah

The lack of Transparency by Mr Johnson and the Tories is not something we should be surprised about. The connections amongst the quango’s which interfere in our town are the same familiar faces well known to many. It needs to change, as Folkestone, a town we all love is dying, and it is by their hands it is happening. This needs to change.

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3 Comments on Local Tories Landlord, Ray Johnson, says closure of Debenhams will not be a disaster.

  1. A Debenhams Employee // May 2, 2019 at 10:19 // Reply

    It stinks. The connections as you say ought to be a matter of public record. Monk’s mouthpiece that’s all he was.

  2. Does the change of council put paid to Johnson’s ties? Is it too late to stop the like of him solving Folkestone’s situation in a way that will only make him money?

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