Tories Dump The Monk

Updated: @11.50am – Feb 12 2022

So the local Tory party has dumped the Monk.

In a selection battle for the 2021 KCC County Elections, Cllr Monk (pictured below left) went up against Dylan Jeffrey (pictured below right) for the honour of running for the Folkestone West seat. Cllr Monk lost, meaning Dylan Jeffrey will be the candidate accepted to run for the Folkestone West seat in the May 2021 County Elections.

Monk Eyes Dylan Jeffrey

Other Tory candidates selected to run in the KCC 2021 elections are:

Susan Carey has represented Elham Valley at Kent County Council since May 2005. Susan has a background in transport and first came to Kent whilst working for Eurotunnel. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and has an MBA from Ashridge Management College. Between April 1st & Dec 31st, 2019 Susan has earned £36,250.84 in allowances

Between April 1st & Dec 31st, 2019 Tony has earned 11,600.83 in allowances.

  • KCC Cllr Rory Love – Cheriton Sandgate & Hythe East

  • KCC Cllr Dick Pascoe – Folkestone East

At present, the Hythe West seat is occupied by KCC Cllr Martin Whybrow. However, the local Tories have selected a former twice UKIP Parliamentary Candidate, Andrew Weatherhead, to run against Cllr M Whybrow. Now Mr. Weatherhead was previously known as Andrew Beadle. Mr. Weatherhead (previously Beadle) has been a member of the “Young Conservatives”

In 2015, Andrew Beadle (now Weatherhead) stood as the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in the Bermondsey and Old Southwark seat. Needless to say, Mr Beadle (now Weatherhead did not win)

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 10-22-18

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 10-37-16

In 2017 Andrew Beadle (now Weatherhead) was the UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Romford; which of course he did not win.

In 2018 Andrew Beadle (now Weatherhead) stood in the local elections as a UKIP  candidate for the Sutton North. He received 155 votes.

With a track record like Mr. Beadle’s (now Weatherhead), we’re sure the Greens and other local parties, who will no doubt stand in the KCC Elections, will rightly exploit Mr Beadle (now Weatherhead) previous political history.

Update – It has come to our attention that Andrew Beadle (now Weatherhead) was a senior officer in early 2013 for the openly fascist New British Union (NBU) – a revival group of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. We understand he left the NBU is 2014.

By April 2015 Mr Beadle (now Weatherhead) stood as the parliamentary candidate in Bermondsey & Old Southwark seat in London. He gave an interview to SE1 and can be heard below.

Beadle went onto stand as a candidate for UKIP on three further occasions.  times before eventually landing in the local Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Party sometime in 2019.

How have the local Conservatives allowed a former member of the New British Union into their ranks? When approached the local Conservative Party claimed Mr Weatherhead (previously Beadle) had been upfront about his membership of the NBU and was apologetic, claiming he had seen the error of his ways. So that’s alright then.

Back on track, as far as we know none of the other local parties, Greens, Labour or Lib Dems have selected their candidates this far out from the KCC 2021 election. If perchance that changes, we’ll let you know.

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4 Comments on Tories Dump The Monk

  1. Envirogeek // January 29, 2020 at 12:05 // Reply

    Fly tipping is an offence and shouldn’t be celebrated. You should be encouraging people to dispose of their unwanted waste in an appropriate manner………………………..

  2. doggerbank56 // January 29, 2020 at 12:16 // Reply

    Looking at the multiple problems faced by Folkestone & Hythe Council perhaps it is sensible that Mr Monk does not spread himself too thinly and devotes his attention to local concerns.

    I was not at the meeting so I cannot offer an opinion but, does this vote signify that party members might have concerns about Mr Monk’s performance? Perhaps you should make further enquiries of those who attended and voted.

  3. Pleased to see Mr Monk ousted, he has been an ignorant man with regards to his views on Otterpool, has caused insult to many residents. I too would like to know the reasons they have voted him out.

  4. Why does the Tory Party always bring in people from outside the district to stand? They DO NOT understand what local people require to live our lives. Any person standing should have lived in the area for at least ten years, as then they’ll understand our way of life

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