Closet Tory Betrays Princes Parade


Updated: 11:10am 20/02/20

Last night at full Council another opportunity to stop Princes Parade presented itself. Cllr Tim Prater’s amendment (see video below) attempted to re-allocate the £29 million (see page 3) pound budget to Martello Lakes.

However, the opposition’s plan failed as earlier in the day, Cllr Ray  Field (Lab) (pictured), who has taken Monk’s shilling by becoming a Cabinet member, voted with the Tories all night long. His vote with the Tories means Princes Parade will get its budget and continue apace due to Cllr Ray Field.

Councillor Field has accepted a place on the Cabinet, taking over former Cllr Ian Meyers position as Cabinet Member for Digital Transformation.  This means Cllr Field is responsible for Information technology, information access, Freedom Of Information, security, RIPA and Customer service. For becoming a Cabinet member, Cllr Field will receive Monk’s shilling and extra £10,866 on top of his basic allowance of £5,433.

The amendment made by Cllr Tim Prater (Lib Dem) – as evidenced in the video above – and supported by Cllr Lesley Whybrow (Green) to the General Fund Medium Term Capital Programme failed to stop the development of Princes Parade by ONE vote.

The amendment fell by 14 votes to 15, would have removed the required £29m funding for Princes Parade Development from the Council’s Capital programme. The vote was lost after two members that voted to stop Princes Parade development in June – Labour’s Ray Field and UKIP’s Terry Mullard switched sides and backed the Conservative administration in opposing the scheme. The only Conservative Councillor to back the amendment was Peter Gane.

Moving on, two weeks prior to the local elections on May 2nd 2019 the Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party stated the following with regards to Princes Parade & Otterpool.

Screenshot from 2020-02-20 11-05-31

The people who voted Labour on this promise to stop Princes Parade have been betrayed and in particular by Cllr Ray Field.

As we understand the Labour Party never sanctioned their Labour member, Cllr Ray Field, becoming a member of the Cabinet. Also prior to the full council meeting a rather loud dispute ensued amongst Labour Cllrs outside the Council chamber. We have long suspected Cllr Ray Field being a closet Tory, now the evidence is the public domain and open for all to see.

Also at Full Council and Cabinet, it was agreed to bring the Council’s housing stock back in house. So the end of East Kent Housing has begun.

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11 Comments on Closet Tory Betrays Princes Parade

  1. So Field who was so anti-semetic towards Claire Jeffrey and her partner Dylan, has all but crossed the floor himself. Let’s hope Labour deselect him.

    • Yep, vileness abounded. Field harassed Claire and her family to the point where they were afraid to leave their house because of the abuse which included threats to set fire to it, dog faeces through the letterbox , and being followed and filmed whilst anti Semitic abuse was being shouted.

      • Why has this pathetic excuse for a human being not been reported to the police regarding those threats?

  2. This is what Ray Field thinks about the Freedom of Information Act: “Council taxpayers are effectively subsidising costs of dealing with FOI requests and it would be “fairer” if the people who want the information paid for the time it takes to produce them”.

    Posted on Twitter on December 29th in between retweeting that notorious fake Twitter account @larrycorbusier, well-known as a proxy for “you-know-who”.

    He seems also to have developed a sudden affection for the Grand, ignoring the desperate financial plight of its residents. He probably thinks all the Court judgments and articles on are part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over Folkestone.

  3. A Labour Member // February 20, 2020 at 09:07 // Reply

    As a Labour member, I hope we kick him out asap.

    The man has always been two-faced, aggressive and anti-Semitic.

    I mean I watched him physically attack the public face of the Shepwayvox Team last year at the Southcliffe Hotel, and the Mayor – Jackie Meade did nothing. I and others called the Police.

    He was kicked out of the Labour party once. Why we let him back in, god only knows.

  4. A District Labour Councillor // February 20, 2020 at 09:16 // Reply

    He has betrayed the party and the people who elected him. For this I hope we deselect him pdq.

  5. He is a traitor to the Labour Party, and a traitor to the people who voted him in. He seems going by what I have heard a right unsavoury character, more suited to be a Scumservative.

  6. I agree that no building should be done on this beautiful beach front Martello lakes is the best place

  7. Landrover26 // February 21, 2020 at 22:08 // Reply

    So I am lead to believe he – (Ray Field) like Deborah Upton has had a past connected to Medway council, both were there at the same time, I am reliably informed that he was in a dismissal meeting with one of his union members who was losing their job on medical grounds, as their representative, he had documentary evidence that would keep the member in the job, he adjourned and left the meeting briefly, on his return ( from speaking to DU) he (Field) withheld the documents and let the member loose their job.

    He is a backstabbing, two-faced, self-serving poor excuse for a union rep, an absolute disgrace to the union movement, sounds like a perfect Tory?

  8. doggerbank56 // February 24, 2020 at 09:45 // Reply

    The obvious question to ask is why and how was he ever selected by the Labour party in the first place? He is clearly a loose cannon with a predilection for abusive and anti-social behaviour.

  9. Seems that Ray Field is a summarily unpleasant person. Labour do not want him. the Conservatives do not need him and should shun him, given his record. I would recommend Switzerland an appropriate venue to make an easy, and welcomed exit.

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