Fall in Covid-19 symptoms on tracker app suggests lockdown is working

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

Here is the latest data from the Covid-19 Radar app interactive map. It does NOT mean we are out of the woods yet. It indicates that lockdown and social distancing ARE having a positive effect on slowing the spread of the virus. We need to hang in there and continue doing what we are asked. The more we do it, the sooner we’ll be out of the woods. Stays At Home – Protect The NHS – Save Lives.

Covid Symptom

This app can be download ⇒here. By using this app you’re contributing to advance vital research on COVID-19. The app will be used to study the symptoms of the virus and track how it spreads.

This research is led by Dr Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and director of TwinsUK a scientific study of 15,000 identical and non-identical twins, which has been running for nearly three decades.

The COVID Symptom Tracker was designed by doctors and scientists at King’s College London, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals working in partnership with ZOE Global Ltd – a health science company
Covid Symptom tracker take data security very seriously and will handle your data with huge respect. Your data is protected by the European Union’s “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). It will only be used for health research and will not be used for commercial purposes.

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  1. As in the case in Malaysia, the Health Ministry (through the National Cyber Security Agency) pushed a single app called MySejahtera that has several objectives – one which is used as a tracker (the other functions includes hotspot map, check-in option, self-assessment for COVID-19, daily statistics, etc).

    There were several problems with the app:-

    1. It was a poorly designed app at the start, turning off potential users (issues have now been fixed and it is a reasonably good app now). The development team was quite fast to track & fix issues.
    2. Not many people willing to download and use them especially the tracker needs Bluetooth to be switched on. If not mistaken, more than 500K have downloaded the app but considering the current population, it is a drop in the sea.
    3. Individual states and other government agencies came up with their own tracker apps which competes with this one app (but the push has been to this one centralised app by the MOH).

    The MOH put a lot of effort and time on getting this app to widely used so that it will be easier to contain any new virus clusters. On the daily updates (live on TV, FB, IM, SMS, etc) the citizens are urged to assist the Government in the fight against this pandemic by downloading and using the MySejahtera app. What is needed is a single well-designed app (that has more than 1 functions), easy to use and push for everyone to use it.

    The same goes for any COVID-19 tracker app out there.

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