Coronavirus Kent In Five Graphs

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics compiled weekly and as such likely to be more accurate of what is truly happening in the county were released today.

They figures show covid deaths overall are on the way down, but at a shallower rate than on the way up.

Covid-19 deaths when compared compared to all deaths in Kent has remained remarkably constant between weeks 16 and 18. In total 8,046 people have passed away in Kent between Jan 1st and May 1st. And covid deaths have remained at 11 and 11.2% of all deaths, across Kent & Medway.

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In the graph below for all causes of death in Kent, it shows covid deaths overall are on the way down, but at a shallower rate than on the way up.


Care homes

Recorded Covid-19 deaths in care homes are falling gradually. There is more than a hint of under-reporting for Covid in weeks 15 to 17 as deaths from other causes rise to nearly twice their previous level. Also covid deaths in care homes in Kent make up 27% of all deaths; which is hardly surprising given the national trend.



The picture in Kent hospitals is the reverse, with non-Covid deaths falling by around 50% per week in weeks 15 onwards.


Deaths at home

Deaths at home from other causes have increased by more than the small number of Covid-19 cases in recent weeks. One reason might be because people have chosen not to go to A&E, or because of other hospital appointments or elected surgery being cancelled. But without more detailed data it is dangerous to speculated too much.


Deaths at other communal establishments

The ONS data does not reveal which establishments make up this category, and therefore where the rises below originate. They might include prisons, army barracks, half-way houses etc.


All of the Shepwayvox Team extend their thanks and gratitude to all NHS staff, all carers in care homes and hospices, to all community volunteers, Kent Fire Brigade, Kent Police and Paramedics for their and anyone else we may have forgotten. The thanks you are all owed is immeasurable.

The numbers above are not just numbers, they represent a real person who has passed away because of covid-19, or for other health reasons. Each of them have family, loved ones and friends. To each of you, wherever you are in Kent or Medway, we extend our deepest condolences to you, as we understand many of you will not have been able to be with them at the end.

The one comfort we can all take from the persons passing is that each of them received the most powerful drug in the world – kindness. It work’s for everyone, it’s hard to get the dose wrong, and it’s free at the point of delivery. Thanks to all those who have delivered that throughout this crisis.

The Shepwayvox Team

Stay At Home – Protect The NHS – Save Lives


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  1. Are the figs correct . I had from a nurse . 14 dead at applecroft old people’s home in river . So cannot be correct

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