Coronavirus Kent In Five Graphs (Week 19)

The latest published figures from the Office of National Statistics for deaths by local authority and cause of death up to 8th May but were registered up to 16th May all show a slow decline in covid-19 deaths.

All Causes/places of death

The fall in Covid-cases continues, but the number of deaths from other causes still appears to be slightly below what might be expected for this time of year.



Covid deaths in hospital are down, but the number of deaths from other causes is still lower than expected, suggesting that people are still staying away from hospitals. The historical numbers are slightly different from the ONS figures last week, which is only to be expected.


Care homes

Covid-19 deaths in Kent care homes show a significant and welcome fall in week 19. Care home deaths from other causes seem to be back to pre-Covid rates. Total deaths in week 18 have been adjusted upwards from 144 to 160, with increases in Covid and non-Covid nunbers.


Deaths at home

As with other causes of death, historical numbers are up for Covid and non-Covid deaths. Covid-19 deaths at home, though relatively low, have not dropped since week 16.


Other communal establishments

Week 18 has one additional Covid-19 death not reported last week. Because the overall numbers in this category are so small, it is not possible to establish whether the three deaths in week 19 are at a “normal” level.


All of the Shepwayvox Team extend their thanks and gratitude to all NHS staff, all carers in care homes and hospices, to all community volunteers, Kent Fire Brigade, Kent Police and Paramedics for their and anyone else we may have forgotten. The thanks you are all owed is immeasurable.

The numbers above are not just numbers, they represent a real person who has passed away because of covid-19, or for other health reasons. Each of them have family, loved ones and friends. To each of you, wherever you are in Kent or Medway, we extend our deepest condolences to you, as we understand many of you will not have been able to be with them at the end.

The one comfort we can all take from the persons passing is that each of them received the most powerful drug in the world – kindness. It work’s for everyone, it’s hard to get the dose wrong, and it’s free at the point of delivery. Thanks to all those who have delivered that throughout this crisis.

The Shepwayvox Team

Stay At Home – Protect The NHS – Save Lives

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  1. Thanks Shepway vox for supplying these figures for Kent each week, I have been in the ONS site and found it a minefield!

  2. As a lecturer in statistics for a local Kent University, the graphs are simple, effective and tell their story well. Thank you for the weekly updates (especially using the ONS data which is far more accurate) One hopes the the local newspapers in print and online might learn something from your simple straightforward no nonsense approach to data usage.

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