Misinformation by Kentonline Editor

On Tuesday we brought you the article the blog Coronavirus Kent in Five Graphs Week 20 (15/05/20)

One of the graphs – Recorded deaths in Kent care homes says that between Wk 14 (03/04/20) and Wk 20 (15/05/20) there have been 292 deaths in Kent & Medway (Kent 267, Medway 25)


Now the ONS weekly figures of Covid-19 deaths are caveated as “provisional” ie they could be amended, which we make clear in our blog. They also state: COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, for all places of death, eg Home, Hospice, Care Home etc.


Now yesterday, the Editor of Kentonline Ed McConnell (pictured) published the story:

The article states: A total of 240 deaths were recorded at Kent’s facilities and a further 12 in Medway between April 10 and May 22, Office for National Statistics data shows.

giving a total of 252 cases, against our 292 cases, a difference of 16%, so statistically significant.

Screenshot from 2020-05-29 14-55-11

The data used by Kentonline failed to caveat its figures as they are provided by the CQC and published by ONS. Also the data states:

  • Figures are for deaths CQC are notified of on the days specified. Figures only include deaths that were notified by 22 May 2020, and may be an underestimate due to notification delays. 

The ONS also say:

  • The CQC notifications rely on the statement of the care home provider that COVID-19 was suspected or confirmed. The CQC does not hold person-level information. The ONS does.

Given these facts, the story run by Kentonline is inaccurate and a poor use of statistics by them we honestly believe, hence we believe it is only right to flag it.

Our public face approached the Editor to amend the story but he – Ed McConnell flatly refused.

So be careful people, as there are lies, damned lies and Kentonline statistics.

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  1. Seeleyhonda // May 30, 2020 at 12:45 // Reply

    Care home Manor Rd Folkestone on full lock down staff with cov19. Eight staff are living there 24hrs a day to isolate spread . Well done on them on min wage

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