Work Begins on Brexit Clearance Lorry Park in Ashford

Cllr Paul Bartlett

Updated: 13:20 16/07/20

Workers are now on the MOJO site where the Brexit clearance customs point will be built, according to the ward Cllr, Paul Bartlett of Ashford Borough Council. That said, the promised letters from the DfT to consult with local landowners before work began, has not arrived.

The Guardian  have published today that the Department of Transport have “has signed off on the purchase of a vast site in Kent”.

Rachel Maclean, MP and parliamentary undersecretary of state for transport, has confirmed that the site will get approval via the secretary of state and not the usual local planning processes through what is known as a “special development order”, or SDO.

An SDO means the the Secretary of State for the DfT, Grant Shapps MP, can use The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to grant planning permission instead of seeking permission from Ashford Borough Council.


We note, as of this morning the title deed has NOT been suspended indicating a purchase is NOT happening presently. The land is still shown owned by Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd. What has concluded is the agreement between the parties on price and other details which allows the workers to be on the land to enclose it.

Locals residents have expressed anger at the potential noise and air pollution with the “stop-start” of lorries through the night and constant noise of refrigeration trailers. However, they’ve forgotten the land is in an area that has a high chance of flooding. The Environment Agency say the chance of flooding each year is greater than or equal to 3.3 percent (1 in 30). This takes into account the effect of any flood defences.


In Autumn 2000 the heavy rainfall between mid Oct to late Nov caused the MOJO site to flood on three occasions. Ashford as a whole was badly affected by the floods. The second flood which affected the site was reported to be the worst flood in Kent since 1927.

In the spring of 2001, the MOJO site flooded again. Also locals are informing us it flooded in the winter of 2018/19. So it’s not just noise and air pollution which pose a risk. What with wetter winters and dry summers the predicted norm, we we ask the DfT whether it would be a wise location, given the potential flood risk?

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4 Comments on Work Begins on Brexit Clearance Lorry Park in Ashford

  1. Always different, always bringing something new to this thread.

    The owners of the land and the option on it for the DfT, revealed by the Shepwayvox Team.

    The Issues around air pollution, and now flooding, revealed by the SV Team.

    Nothing said about these things by either Kentonline or The Guardian.

    Keep it up.

  2. Very handy for the – poosible – new Dover/Folkestone M20 corridor free port……….

  3. The Aldington and Hothfield flood alleviation structures both worked well in 2000 (see

    Not sure what happened in 2018/19 – does anyone have a reference?

  4. MOJO will not be ready for operations on 1st January 2021 as construction is delayed because of – you guessed it, flooding! No indication where the Wincanton, Mitie, Manpower/HMRC work in the meantime.
    Despite claims from serial liar Damian Collins the site is not temporary at all. ABC are to receive considerable funding from govt, to set up and staff a Port Health office on the MOJO facility, Doesn’t sound very temporary that Damian.
    Serial bullshitter Nigel Farage (nice French name) seems to think you can customs clear goods via a mobile phone app (he`s seen it done on the Mexico/US border) but the new MOJO facility incorporating TAD, ATA Carnet, CITIE, Defra declarations is a trip back down memory lane to 1991. This is real deal of borders in action again, although I imagine a trade deal will smooth out major transport disruption by pre lodging JIT movements.

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