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Updated 19:00 23/07/20

Honestly, if we replied to every Cllr Tim Prater (Lib Dem) article, we’d get little done.

Cllr Tim Prater (Lib Dem) is claiming victory for a helping a resident over a replacement  “residual waste” (non-recycling) bin which was damaged in the course of its regular collection and emptying.

He claims the Council changed its bin policy in June 2020 a couple of months after the resident brought his complaint to him. We note the policy is not published by the council on its policy page as far as we can see. Knowing Cllr Prater is a lover of transparency and openness, we’re sure he’ll change that hopefully.

Back on track, the policy wasn’t changed when Cllr Prater claims. Oh no, it was amended on the 16th April 2019 far earlier than he claims, as the video from an overview and scrutiny meeting makes abundantly clear. This was latter rubber stamped by Cabinet in 2019 and became policy, so much earlier than Cllr Prater claims.

Cllr Prater also claims that Seagull proof sacks for refuse collections are now avaliable in Sandgate. But again the video makes it perfectly clear that seagull proof sacks have been available to residents of Sandgate and elsewhere in the district since the 16th April 2019. He could have got them for his parishioners back then, but didn’t. We do wonder why.

Also he tells us the Council are holding £101,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money for Town and Parish Councils; and that £48,735 has been doled out. However he’s wrong, for 2019/20 alone the CIL money collected and held by the Council was £401,265, and that doesn’t include the s106 money. But as we said, if we replied to every thing Cllr Prater espoused, we’d get little done.

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Cllr Prater claims time and again, since his election, he has had a “victory”, when in fact the opposite is true as others who preceded him have cleared up the matter. We could go on citing further examples, but as we said, if we replied to every Cllr Prater article, we’d get little done.

We cannot forget, nor must we forget when Cllr Prater was a KCC Cllr between 2009 -2013, the PFI contracts for schools experienced a seven months delay and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Kent taxpayer.

But it doesn’t stop there. KCC council tax payers between 2010 and 2020 have paid in excess of £250 million for these PFI school contracts; and the money has gone to known offshore companies in known tax havens, assisted by a vote from Cllr Prater.

These school PFI contracts will receive their last payments in another 15 years time. By then they will have received in excess of £650 million, assisted by Cllr Prater‘s vote.

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He also signed off (along with others), £60 million pounds worth of controversial LOBO loans, taken with the Royal Bank of Scotland, in his time as a Cllr at KCC. It cost KCC £13.4 million premium to escape the contract with RBS.

Screenshot from 2020-07-21 16-04-22So, when Cllr Prater utters something on his webpage, or in the paper about the Brexit clearance post at Ashford being in the wrong location, he really ought to do a little more research, as the site is there for a reason. That reason is a strategic one for a freeport in  East Kent.

And let’s not forget he’s taking the Monk shilling for being in the Cabinet.

So people be careful of Cllr Prater’s self promotion, as publicly available evidence shows when one scratches the surface, another story appears. One could consider Cllr Prater’s PR, fake news, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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6 Comments on Wheelie Cllr Prater!

  1. A Ross House Resident // July 22, 2020 at 00:18 // Reply

    As a resident in Ross House I have to say when first elected he was excellent and fought our corner. Now though we hardly see him or receive responses to our emails. Meanwhile, Ross House is still NOT fire compliant regardless of what he might say.

    They’ve fixed fire doors onto soft wood frames and the gaping cracks in those frames still remain. Also the voids in the roof and the floors remain an outstanding issue. We are told they won’t be fixed until 2022.

    Many here feel he used us to raise his profile. For that I and others won’t be voting for him in 2023 that’s for sure.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Didn’t he and his party want to stop the will of the people over Brexit result.

  3. Empty vessels make most noise, and boy does he make a noise with all his PR. The man has his own agenda which is to be re-elected and it looks like on present form he’ll do anything to achieve that, given that he’s joined Monk’s cabinet.

  4. As a van dweller who occasionally parks up on Princes Parade, I’ve got photo’s of Cllr Prater taking a No 2. I shared them with the appropriate authorities and nothing it seems has been done. Strange that!

  5. Companies House make it clear his business partner is a resident of Guernsey a known tax haven, so he’ll do business with a person who has known tax haven residency, but not do business with the Reuben Brothers offshore. Er am I missing something.

  6. As a resident of Ross House it WAS the Shepwayvox Team who highlighted the fire issues in the building and brought it to public attention. Cllr Prater just jumped on the that for PR. Now though he has changed as the first commentator says.

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