Stainer Goes Bust and his Staff Turn on Him

When it gets bad, it gets really bad.” That might sum up Michael Stainer today as he stares into his reality mirror. He might not do this very often, but in the last few days he has had little choice.

On Thursday 4th March, and without warning, locksmiths sent from Leeds locked up, screwed shut and generally secured the commercial areas of the Grand so that no one could get in or out. They even installed alarms! This was on the orders of the administrators of the Grand, Begbies Traynor, in preparation for the auction sale on June 22nd and, in their words, protect the only asset that could see creditors paid back.

Then on Friday 5th March, we heard that the 48-garage complex to the rear of the Grand was under offer. This was recently repossessed from the Stainers as a result of their original 2018 bankruptcy proceedings, but not by MacIntyre Hudson who were appointed to deal with this bankruptcy, but by another receiver appointed by the mortgage lender. Garages, by the way, are big business, with each garage earning around £100 per month on average. So that little plot of 48 units could be worth £57,000 per annum with little outlay. So, where’s all that cash gone?

That same afternoon, we heard that staff currently employed at the Grand via Eastons Management (director Robert Moss pictured) had a fairly bloody Zoom meeting with Stainer and a silent Moss. This ended up with Stainer storming (virtually?) from the meeting after a torrent of complaints and abuse from angry employees, with words such as ‘liar” being bandied about. Luckily, they are all furloughed, so provided someone processes payroll, their income is assured — HMRC to Eastons Management to the employee…

Finally on Monday 8th March, District Judge Luthfur Rahman, sitting in Canterbury County Court, made a fresh bankruptcy order against Michael Stainer. Yet again, the claim was for unpaid service charges at the Grand, and yet again, it was claimed that the basis for this claim “was under appeal”. Stainer’s only problem was that this was totally untrue.

On January 22nd, a rather tired and recycled appeal, found itself in front of no less that the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Lewison, who refused to grant a stay of execution. Not surprising, as it has been dismissed in January 2019 by Deputy President of the Upper Tier Property Tribunal, Martin Roger QC. In September 2019, it ended up before HH Judge Karen Walden Smith, who dismissed an application for judicial review of the earlier decision, as ‘totally without merit”.

What Stainer was appealing against, was the July 2018 order of the First Tier Property Tribunal. This made him, and his wife, the absent Doris (fled to Germany pictured), liable for service charges over and above what they already weren’t paying. That same order slapped a 25% liability on the landlord, Hallam Estates, which why they got into terminal trouble as well.

So, since December 17th 2020, things have gone from bad to worse, but it all started on November 8th 2018 when he, and Doris, went bankrupt for the first time owing £1.3 million to HMRC and £350,000 to the building he claimed to love. This time he went bust for a paltry £18,000. How the mighty have fallen! Hardly worth the barrister’s fee he wasted, if he paid it……..

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde:

  • To go bankrupt once, may be regarded as a misfortune; to go bankrupt twice looks like reckless disregard for honest business practice”.

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5 Comments on Stainer Goes Bust and his Staff Turn on Him

  1. It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again, there is a Ph.D in this story and probably a book, a play and a film no doubt.

    What a cad the man is.

    And just to think the local Tories all courted him, especially, Monk, Collins and Tillson.

    Birds of a feather…

    • Here is a scenario: Council buy the Grand from the auction using taxpayers money and then appoint Stainer to ‘manage’ it on their behalf, paying him a salary to do so.

  2. doggerbank56 // March 10, 2021 at 15:52 // Reply

    The first question is will Michael Stainer be joining Doris in Germany?

    I suspect that this will depend on whether or not he can obtain the consent of his Trustees’ in Bankruptcy and even if consent were granted it would not be for an extended term. If anyone is familiar with the terms of his bankruptcies and what restrictions have been imposed on him please feel free to enlighten Shepway Vox readers.

    The second question as AF rightly observes is whether his “friends” in the local Conservative Association will continue to stand by him? They might even want to put their hands in their proverbial back pockets and pay off the creditors/contribute to the Grand’s maintenance fund but, somehow I doubt it.

    Stranger things have however happened in the bizarre world that Michael Stainer inhabits and I am happy to be proved wrong if the Grand’s results get something out of this sad and tortuous debacle.

  3. AF: Next years Xmas Annual will be a bumper edition of the Stainer Saga, the collected articles from ShepwayVox……….

  4. Eager eddie // March 15, 2021 at 22:21 // Reply

    Memo to Moss: directors that are found to have aided & abetted a disqualified director (Michael Stainer) in the management of a company are at risk not only of disqualification but also of criminal proceedings being brought against them. Ooops!! No more cash registers for you

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