Where’s the Money Gone, Mikey?

Who says we don’t make a difference? Within days of our article “Covid-19 Grant Fraud at the Grand as Council demands its money back” , Folkestone and Hythe Council received several formal complaints about how they managed the handing-out of COVID-19 grants.

As the Grand’s ‘owners’ were the only one in the frame in our article, and as no denial or refutation has been issued – and we all know how much Michael Stainer love lawyers, although not as much as they love him — there can only be one target in mind.

In fact, these complaints had two destinations – the Council for failing to stick to clear guidelines in handing out our money, and of far greater significance, the COVID-19 Fraud Response Team which sits in the Cabinet Office to assist the government with its counter fraud response.

We are now certain that an investigation above and beyond what FHDC will cobble together is under way, because they have said so:

  • “I am unable to provide a full response to your complaint at this time as there is an ongoing formal investigation being undertaken by a third-party government department.”

On the assumption that this isn’t the Ministry for Funny Walks Compliance Team, this will not be a laughing matter for the power behind the throne, Michael Stainer, and his stooge on the throne, Robert Moss, who ‘signed’ the paperwork.

On a separate tack, many folks who purchased Grand vouchers for cream teas, or prepaid for weddings, or we hear of one case, £6000 up front for the rent of a flat, are wondering what has happened to their money. Well, Michael Stainer now shops at ASDA……..

This no comfort to furloughed staff. One of the ‘Moss/Stainer’ companies, Seaside Hosts Ltd, claimed support from HMRC for staff wages, but according to several to whom we have spoken, they work for another company, Eastons Management Ltd, and haven’t received a penny!

No wonder Doris Stainer has fled our shores…………..

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4 Comments on Where’s the Money Gone, Mikey?

  1. doggerbank56 // March 23, 2021 at 23:01 // Reply

    Excellent article – it just shows how good reporting can change things for the better. I am sure that Michael Stainer and his puppet Robert Moss now regret ever applying for a grant in the first place. If the staff employed by Eastons Management Limited have not been paid then the pair of them could find themselves subject to an investigation under the Fraud Act 2006.


    More worrying for the Council is that they will not be able to obstruct an external fraud investigation. The individuals who authorised the payment will have to account for their actions. It will be fascinating to learn how the grant approval process worked in practice, who signed off the grants at officer level and whether individual councillors played any role in sanctioning payments.

    The incestuous relationship between Michael Stainer and prominent local Councillors will also receive another well deserved airing. I wonder if our local MP would like to explain his relationship with Michael Stainer.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Incredulous eddy // March 24, 2021 at 06:50 // Reply

    Can anyone explain how a man who owes some £2 million still has his home, his car, his freedom and his capacity to lie to the world?

  3. I always knew Stainer had an “adversarial” relationship with the residents. But claiming furlough support and not paying his staff is definitely a new low. With the national authorities now involved I am sure his local Tory chums will be keeping a very low profile.

  4. whitegates59 // August 3, 2021 at 11:11 // Reply

    I always thought Michael Stainer was a ‘nice chap’ when we met him on our stays at The Grand. Now I know different. We were due to stay there in July, and we were not told about the hotel closing! Luckily I tried to make contact before we drove 300 miles from Cheshire, with no luck, then found the news articles… Now we just have to try to get our deposit back. If anyone knows who to contact for this, please let me know. F M

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