It’s NOT all about Princes Parade

This is a guest post

Like many of you, I read posts on Facebook and of late, I’ve seen a lot about Princes Parade.

Those who are promoting it, pushing it across Facebook, appear to believe this is the only issue in the world. I can assure them it ISN’T.

In February I lost my job due to the Covid-19 recession. I have a wife a two kids. My income fell from £1,800 a month to £857.

  • I am worried about finding a new home as I can no longer afford the rent on the one I live in

  • I am worried about feeding my children.

  • I am worried about the gas, the electric, the council tax.

  • I’m just worried full stop.

Then I get to see people jumping up and down about Princes Parade where the Council want to build a swimming pool for us all and some “affordable housing” – whatever that means.

Let me tell those people who want to save Princes Parade, you look like environmental fanatics, on a par with religious fanatics to me and my family, and perhaps to others as well, who knows!  I’ll not be voting Green because of the behaviour. of the Save Princes Parade fanatics.

There are many pressing issues across the whole of our district. Many of them are not issues our Council can resolve. To be so blinkered on just ONE issue is really dumb in my humble opinion.

I want a job, I want to work. It gives me a sense of dignity, a sense of pride and confidence. Without work I have shrunk inside.

I can see that in excess of 10,000 people are now unemployed in our district. Up from 4,500 in March 2020. Many of us 10,000 plus would love a job.

If the fanatics who wish to save Princes Parade put as much effort into creating jobs as they do about a brownfield site between the Imperial Hotel and the garage at Seabrook, there’d be no unemployment in the district.

What I say to these fanatics and the sensible residents of this district I call home, is wake up and smell the coffee, because life it is NOT all about Princes Parade.

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8 Comments on It’s NOT all about Princes Parade

  1. We still need Community groups to champion local issues although they may not seem relevant to all. Of course there are more serious issues like poverty etc but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t campaign on other projects.

  2. I want Princes Parade to be developed and have said so publicly. The vitriol and abuse I received was just staggering. Spat on, jostled and punched by a male supporter, because I dared to dissent from their opinion. These people are fanatics because if one dare challenge the supporters, they go to extreme lengths to shut you down by any means, fair or foul.

  3. I’m a member of the Hythe Swimming Club and want the Leisure Centre built on Princes Parade. Missing training because Hythe pool is closed due to its age, maintenance, storm damage etc, is frustrating. I support the development, but won’t say so publicly because as the guest writer says the Save Princes Parade lot are fanatics and do intimidate and shut down debate if you disagree.

    There was no real dissent to build on Fisherman’s beach, wonder why that was!

  4. As somebody who has been a member of Save Princes Parade group for a number of years, I offer my apologies to your public face.

    I read on FB about your windows. To be honest there are idiots, and what I’d call extremists, in the Save Princes Parade Group. I doubt if the chair or committee will seek them out and expel them.

    As of today they will no longer be getting my support.

  5. Slurry-Kent // March 25, 2021 at 20:13 // Reply

    Whilst I personally support the campaign not to build on Princes Parade, I can understand your guests position in realtion to his own personal situation. Putting it into perspective is a right to which your guest has most eloquently voiced on your website, The old adage of ‘It’s all relative’, in this case, is very pertinent. Full marks to you and your team for posting this article. Thank God that Shepwayvox isn’t part of the Cancel Culture that is running a muck through our society. Free speech is our God given right. Pushing back against the majority narrative is not a crime, nor should anyone be prevented from doing so.

  6. I hadn’t seen this blog until today. Thank goodness there are some reasonable people who see these bunny-hugging fanatics for what they are. I am fully in support of the Princes Parade development, and can’t wait to have a destination to go to as one walks along from Hythe.

  7. At last I’ve found some people who dare to say they like the idea of improving Princes Parade!

  8. Great to think this will now go ahead, they seem to think theirs is the only view and there’s something wrong with us if we don’t agree with them. Time they stopped whining and moved on, I’m sure they can find something else to moan about. THIS WILL GREATLY IMPROVE THE AREA

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