Updated: – Folkestone Harbour Arm selling alcohol with no premises licence for 3 months

Updated @12.48 29/06/20

The licensed premises on Folkestone Harbour Arm are selling alcohol without a valid premises license, according to Folkestone & Hythe District Council’s website.

Recently we wrote about a blog post titled

THREE LIONS – and a bunch of money grabbing donkeys

We pointed out England fans had to pay a tenner to watch our boys do their best at the Euro’s. Of course alcohol was on sale and it would appear that the sale of alcohol to punters who forked out a tenner was illegals as the Harbour Arm didn’t have a licence and don’t have a valid licence, according to Folkestone & Hythe District Council website.

Since we published this image above yesterday, the Council have now updated there website – today 29/06/21 – to show the Harbour Arm does have a current licence. We apologise to Folkestone Harbour Company Ltd and its owner.

The error was not ours, but rather the Council’s for publishing incorrect information. As we stated all the information used was according to the Council.

This raises questions about the validity of the information the Council publishes, as it is misleading and false.  All residents ought to be able to rely on the information it publishes as factually correct. The Cllr responsible for website information is Cllr Ray Field (Ind) (pictured).

In England and Wales, the Licensing Act 2003 is the legislation used to license premises in their sale of alcohol. It forms the backbone of UK alcohol laws and sets the laws that any business selling alcohol must follow, including which licenses they need to apply for and what they must do to responsibly carry out the sale of alcoholic beverages. The Act also regulates the provision of other licensable activities, namely regulated entertainment — such as showing a film, hosting a sports event, or a performance of live music — and late-night refreshment.

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8 Comments on Updated: – Folkestone Harbour Arm selling alcohol with no premises licence for 3 months

  1. One law for the rich and another for the rest of us.

  2. Don’t all the businesses selling alcohol on the premise have there own individual licences that cover all the activity going on there?

    • The Shepway Vox Team // June 29, 2021 at 06:41 // Reply

      No they don’t

      • Individual units are displaying licenses that cover the sale of alcohol and live events. I guess they must all be fraudulently falsifying documents! 🙄

      • The Shepway Vox Team // June 29, 2021 at 12:29 //

        You’d need to talk to each stall holder, as they do NOT personally have a licence. It is a collective licence for the totality of the arm.

  3. What with the Chief Exec of the Council being a former director/trustee on the Creative Foundation board, along with Sir Roger, one strongly suspects nothing will happen and it’ll be brushed under the carpet as quickly as possible.

  4. Most councils are corrupt and always keen to blame somebody else ! New to the district but it’s very apparent that the council do exactly what they want with nil regard for the residents decisions … we need to vote these people out.

  5. They are bloody useless this Council. I own run a local bar and my licence shows it’s out of date as well. I’ve dropped them a line and hopefully they’ll change it. With a website like theirs, it’s no wonder half the publicans in town haven’t had a visit from Inspector Plod and closed down.

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