On Street Parking contract loses £1.1 million in eight of the last ten years

On and off street parking in the Folkestone & Hythe District is always a bone of contention.

In the last ten financial years (Apr 1 – March 31) Folkestone & Hythe District Council made a loss on their on street parking for eight out of the ten years.

FHDC awarded NSL with a second contract for £2,838,578  to provide parking enforcement services which started on, 01/04/2017. It cannot be said it is Value for Money.

However, in 2020/21 the off street parking profit was £210,000.

Use of surplus income from parking charges and penalty charges is governed by section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Once the need for provision of off-street parking facilities and to make good deficits to central funding has been met (which it has), the use of surpluses can fund public transport services, road improvements and local environmental improvements. “Environmental improvement” is defined in a broad sense to encompass recreational or scenic improvements.

So the question is how should the Council spend this surplus?

Well we have a suggestion for them.

The walking/cycle path next to the canal between Green Lane (Hythe) and Aldergate Lane (West Hythe) could be upgraded as all to often large sections of it now turn into a quagmire after it has rained. This could easily be done

Cycle Path Green Lane – Aldergate Lane – Google My Maps

Runs next to the Royal Miltary Canal

Part of the section runs below the Port Lympne wildlife park and affords many members of the public and tourists great views into the park.

Of course, with a surplus like this one might think the Cabinet Member of the Environment – Cllr Lesley Whybrow (Green) might be making some sensible suggestions on how the £210,000 surplus could be used.

If you have an idea how the surplus could be used, then do let your local Cllr know.

Let’s hope any use of this rare surplus gets put to good use.

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3 Comments on On Street Parking contract loses £1.1 million in eight of the last ten years

  1. Alastair J N // August 15, 2021 at 20:37 // Reply

    Well suprise suprise no big secret that the greedy sharks at Nsl have been fleecing FHDC for years. Is there anyone at FHDC switched on enough to see it??

  2. I’ve had a reply from Martin Whybrow and as expected there is no surplus. He says “Even if there is a surplus on the parking contract, the council is facing a significant budget deficit over the next few years so there really isn’t any spare money available.”

    • The Shepway Vox Team // August 16, 2021 at 14:27 // Reply

      Regardless of what Martin Whybrow states, the District Council – as opposed to County – have stated in a response to a request of their accounts, they made a profit of £210,000 for off street parking. So Martin Whybrow’s utterances count for little. Any deficit is a forecasted deficit as opposed to an actual deficit. There is a big difference.

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