Leo Griggs seeking to make £1.5 million on sale of part of Royal Victoria Hospital site

Leo Griggs purchased the Royal Victoria Hospital site via his company RVH Folkestone Ltd from KCC for £1.25 million on 1st Nov 2018. Just three years on he now wants to sell part of the site for £2,750,000, pocketing a £1.5 million profit, if he succeeds in finding a buyer.

Ever since he purchased the site, it has been the centre of a lot of controversy, as has Leo (Shepway Vox passim ad nauseam).

The image on the left is the original site purchased, the image on the right is the land he wishes to sell

In Nov 2018 we reported:

The Council’s company Oportunitas Ltd is intent on buying up to 40 properties on the RVH site, “off plan” for approx £5.5m to £6.5 million.  This would allow them to further expand their loss making commercial arm in the vain hope it will turn a profit one day.

Yet when outline planning permission was granted for the site, not a word was mentioned about the off plan intended purchase of the properties by the Council. Outline planning permission was granted in late 2019. Report DCL/19/28 set out the site was to to provide 18 residential units and associated parking, together with an outline application for the redevelopment of the remaining parts of the site, including demolition of outbuildings to provide up to 26 houses and associated car parking with all matters reserved for future consideration. Of course it was granted.

However, in Sept 2020 another planning application for the site revealed a proposal to create 19 houses – a mix of four and five bed (This is the part of the site Leo (pictured) wishes to sell) and 19 one and two bed apartments on the site.

However it materialized in the Sept 2020 planning meeting the Council – via its company Oportunitas Ltd was to hire Leo as a developer at a cost of £6.45 million to build 35 flats on the site and they forgot to inform the Planning Committee, causing consternation and controversy

The land is for sale via RPC Land & New Homes Ltd based in Maidstone. They are a specialist New Homes marketing agency that acts on behalf of developers throughout Kent, South East London & Sussex

Leo a Tory donor has been helped along considerably by the public purse by building council homes, now he looks set to make even more money, if the site sells, pocketing him a considerable profit.

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6 Comments on Leo Griggs seeking to make £1.5 million on sale of part of Royal Victoria Hospital site

  1. As far as I was aware the hospital was left to “the people of Folkestone” so how was it able to be sold?

  2. Or more to the point, how many are ‘The People of Folkestone., and how much are they expected to receive from the proceeds of this sale. Over to you Leo Grigs. Figures would be useful. Truth would be appreciated but not expected.

    • I am still keen to understand how he was able to buy it. Were all the people of Folkestone asked if they wanted to sell it? Surely they should have received payment at the time of purchase?

  3. When it was left to the “people of Folkestone” it may (and I am happy to stand corrected) have been transferred to a local Board of Trustees who managed the hospital prior to the establishment of the National Health Service in 1948 after which the hospital and its grounds would have become part of the NHS.

    • I don’t think this was the case. When I worked at the RVH in Folkestone, the NHS rented the buildings, and I understood that the NHS could not buy it because it was left to the people of Folkestone.

  4. It is pretty simple, the “people of Folkestone” are the Councillors and their backers, no-one else is of any importance – just look how they disregard consultations.

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