Evil Spectre leader set to scupper UK Space Agency launch pad site for Jock’s Pitch, East Cliff, Folkestone.

A Shepway Vox Team investigation has uncovered plans to turn the area known locally as Jock’s Pitch on the East Cliff of Folkestone; which has tennis courts, a bowls pitch, a putting green and an excuse of a play area, into a launch pad for the UK Space Agency.

In a short interview with former UK astronauts Helen Sharman – first British Astronaut into Space and Tim Peake, they said

We are both excited that the UK Space Agency have found a suitable location to site a launch pad to send both rockets and vital equipment into space which will broaden the knowledge of our planet. We welcome the agency’s announcement and believe Folkestone’s East Cliff is a highly suitable location.

Furthermore we have spoken to Jeff Tracy (pictured) of the International Rescue organisation based on Tracy Island, who has informed the Shepway Vox Team, they’ll be monitoring the site for safety issues, and will if asked come to the rescue in the eventuality of any catastrophe on the site.

We understand that recently Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have done a major U-Turn on the initial proposed plan of turning the East Cliff into the Entrance/Exit of the world’s longest Zip wire to bring refugees/migrants into the country safely.

However, in an evil plan to scupper the proposed launch site, Folkestone Town Cllr, Mary “Blofeld” Lawes (pictured) – the evil and cunning leader of Spectre, has set up a petition to develop the existing  playground on the site instead.

Cllr Mary “Blofeld” Lawes has set up a residents meeting to take place at St Peter’s Church, The Durlocks, on Monday 4th Oct at 7pm, to reveal the cunning Spectre plan.

All who wish to express a view, which we suspect there might be a few, are more than welcome to come along and politely state where they stand on this important issue relating to child welfare and development.

The Shepway Vox Team

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3 Comments on Evil Spectre leader set to scupper UK Space Agency launch pad site for Jock’s Pitch, East Cliff, Folkestone.

  1. A brilliant use of humour to diffuse the misinformed. I’m sure we’ll get the facts at the meeting, if there are any facts to be divulged. Let’s hope they get funding for this excellent idea proposed by Nicki Keen, Mary Lawes and others.

  2. Good stuff, but unfortunately there are those out there who will believe this to be fact. I’m particularly thinking about some of the Save Princes Parade sheep

  3. Let’s hope Monk is the first in line to be transported to a Galaxy far far away

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