Folkestone & Hythe Lib Dems propose new location for playground, but fail to explain costs of remediation.

The Folkestone & Hythe Liberal Democrats are now proposing the disused railyway line (pictured); which runs from Warren Rd, Folkestone (alongside Tram Rd) to Rocksalt as an alternative to building a play area on Jock’s pitch, East Cliff Folkestone.

The site is more likely than not contaminated and would need remediation, which would cost a considerable sum. Of course, neither the Lib Dems, Ms Anson or Mr Rowledge, who appear in the leaflet, are saying where the money will come from to remediate the site. If the council were to purchase the site, remediation would add to the overall cost before building any play park and certainly not constitue value for money.

The Council are Under the Duty of Best Value, therefore, authorities should consider overall value, including economic, environmental and social value, when reviewing service provision. o Best Value authorities – such as Folkestone & Hythe District Council are under a general Duty of Best Value to “make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the way in which its functions are exercised, having regard to a combination of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.”

Are Mr Rowledge and Ms Anson expecting the local council tax payer to foot the bill given we already have the highest

council tax in Kent? It would be nice to know where the money is to come from for any remediation and what budget in the Council will pay for it. And if it could even be considered value for money, when Jock’s Pitch needs no such remediation.

It’s known that Jock’s pitch will cost approx £300,000 and a significant contribution has already been made, however, there is a strong and real possibility of much more to come.

It’s known the traffic numbers up and down Tram Road are far higher than those up and down Wear Bay Rd, meaning air pollution levels are more likely than not worse.

Perhaps, Mr Rowledge & Ms Anson want children to be affected by harmful emissions from road transport which contribute to poor air quality and affects their lungs at such a young age. Who knows!!!

Furthermore, in the leaflet Mr Rowledge and Ms Anson, complain about the potential introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) affecting East Cliff, Dudley Rd, Southbourne Rd, Penfold Rd, Burrow Rd, Warren Rd, Wear Bay Crescent, Seagrove Rd & Crescent. We understand a consultation finished on Friday 15th Oct.  Some of these homes especially in Seagrove Rd, Seagrove Crescent and Wearbay Crescent have drive ways where they are able to park their cars, so the introduction of a CPZ for those with drive ways, will not have a prominent any effect on them.

Proposed new play area and area for potential CPZ – Google My Maps

Proposed new play area and area for potential CPZ

Mr Rowledge and Ms Anson, also mention that 550 pupils may be affected who attend St Mary’s School, on Warren Rd, but KCC would mitigate this as they have done elsewhere outside other schools.

Finally, Mr Rowledge & Ms Anson mention in their leaflet there are potholes big enough to swallow a car, Mr Rowledge and Ms Anson really ought to get out more, as there are far larger potholes elsewhere around the district, as many cyclists and drivers can attest to.

If you see a pothole you can report it to Kent County Council here:

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