Wimble & Field’s new party already breaking data protection law

Updated 12:10  07/11/21

David Wimble & Ray Field have set up a new party in the district. The Laurel & Hardy of local politics have chosen to call their party

Folkestone & Hythe Independent Party

They have gone as far as setting up a webpage but without a privacy policy, without a cookies notice and without registering themselves on the Information Commissioner’s Office Data protection public register, which is not an auspicious start.

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The party launched the website yesterday – Thursday 4th Nov. One would have thought they’d have put all the things mentioned above in place before their launch, but it would appear they’ve put the cart before the horse.

Here’s Ray with Len McCluskey and Jeremy Corbyn, and David With Branson and Rees Moog

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As an aside David Wimble’s company Marsh Media Ltd; which used to publisher the Looker is £103,902 in the red. The accounts are overdue according to Companies House and they have issued the First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off of the company. Please do remember Mr Wiimble is also an elected Councillor and responsible for Economic development, regeneration, tourism, heritage (conservation), business rate relief and Planning policy.

His compatriot Ray Field as an elected Cllr is responsible for Traffic management, on and off street Parking, Information technology, Customer Services, information access and security and RIPA, so should have been aware of the legal necessity for all these matters before the site went live.

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As we understand they are seeking possible members to join their party, but before you do, please consider at this moment in time they are in breach of everything data protection law.

Since posting this blog FHIP have put up a cookies notice and a privacy policy, which should have happened before they went live. That said they still have no contact for the data protection officer and they remain unregistered with the ICO.

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3 Comments on Wimble & Field’s new party already breaking data protection law

  1. Both of them are shysters and wolves in sheep clothing.

  2. Some people never learn. Or if they do, they have to learn the hard way.

  3. How can Wimble be an Independent when he votes with Monk and his Tory cronies every time

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