Otterpool Park Update: Site had visit from No 10’s Cabinet Secretary

There have been further developments at Otterpool Park where the council wish to build up to 10,000 homes at a cost of £2.9bn, making a conservative profit of £193m.

It’s been reported by the Otterpool Park LLP, led by the dodgy John Bunnett as managing director, that there has been engagement with Homes England, who purchased the old Lympne airfield for £9m, from an offshore company. We also know that the Cabinet Secretary – Simon Case (pictured) visited the site on the 24th November 2021. Yes this is the same Simon Case, who allegedly had drinks for up to 20 staff in his Whitehall offices in December last year, who has stepped down from his role investigating alleged lockdown-breaking parties inside Downing Street, after claims emerged he had hosted an event himself over the same period, as reported by the Guardian and other national media outlets.

We are also aware that they’ll be a KCC Members’ Tour in Spring 2022.

We note Otterpool Park LLP have placed the accounts – year ending March 31 2021, on Companies House. The LLP has opted to not to file the statement of comprehensive income in accordance with the provisions applicable to entities subject to the small LLPs regime. The company’s sole shareholders are FHDC 99.9% and Otterpool Park Development Ltd 0.1% [sole shareholder FHDC].

We further note the Otterpool Park LLP – Updated Business Plan 2022, Finance and resourcing, Governance Framework and Strategic Risk Register, will be heard behind closed doors at the Otterpool Park LLP – Members/Owners – meeting to be held on Friday, 14th January, 2022 2.00 pm. So much for transparency & openness.

On the 24 Nov, Cllr Jackie Meade (Lab) asked Cllr David Monk (Con) if there were to be further acquisitions at Otterpool Park. Cllr Monk – an Occupational Therapist – avoided answering that question.


However, in further document released today – 11/01/21 we can safely say “Further land acquisitions are being explored, however timing of expenditure is uncertain. Budget reprofiled to 2022/23″. And “Further consultancy advice to support the delivery process met from the overall reprofiled Otterpool Park capital budget.”

Coming back to the LLP, we can see in the Otterpool Park LLP Minutes dated the 21 Sept 2021 states “The Managing Director [John Bunnett] advised that the waste water treatment risk had been downgraded from red to amber, as various matters relating to land acquisition had been agreed, and board approval had been given to appoint a provider to deliver an appropriate solution.”

Now Private Eye Magazine state at page 2 of where-there’s muck there’s brass plates report about LLPs – “IT IS EASIER to set up what is now the international criminal’s corruption vehicle of choice than it is to open a bank account or rent a DVD. Fill in a form with some basic details of two or more “members” in the LLP and send it off with a cheque for £40 to Companies House: no checks; no ID; you’re in (dodgy) business right away.” Make of that what you will [Not all LLPs are “dodgy”].

Now of course the Waste Water Treatment Plant is essential as the Stodmarsh Nitrate – Phosphate issue, has, and is affecting up to 50,000 homes per annum from being built, and delayed 25,000 – 30,000 homes from getting under way.

Now recently in the Folkestone Herald, Andy Jarrett, who works for the LLP, informed the public the planning application would be submitted prior to Xmas, but that didn’t happen for whatever reason. So it will now be submitted sometime in Jan/Feb or possibly March. This is the fourth of fifth time the date for the planning application has slipped. It’s doesn’t seem to be moving “at pace” as Cllr Monk has so often informed us.

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2 Comments on Otterpool Park Update: Site had visit from No 10’s Cabinet Secretary

  1. I would be interested to learn on what basis the wastewater threat has been downgraded from Red to amber.

  2. I would be very interested to learn who invited Simon Case to visit Otterpool Park and why? I suggest that Shepway Vox submit an FOI request to the Cabinet Office to find out more. I can’t imagine it was a social visit or that he is thinking of moving himself!

    As the Government has imposed house building targets on local councils to build additional housing it is obvious that this can only be achieved if the necessary infrastructure is in place in this case for sewage treatment.

    Is the downgrading of the risk from red to amber linked in any way to this visit? If it is, it may be that the Government has recognised that it might have to intervene in this area (and other parts of the country) to ensure that the right infrastructure is in place to enable new homes to be built?

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