More Russians investing in our district, but legitimately so.

It has to be said. It has to be made clear, spelt out explicitly. Not all Russians are bad. Those who live among us are no doubt just as horrified at the events in the Ukraine as the rest of us. The decision to invade the Ukraine was a political decision made by the the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

The UK has hit very rich Russians – Oligarchs – with further sanctions including Roman Abramovich. But he is not the only Russian to have invested into our district. There are others who are NOT on the sanction list, could not be classified as Oligarchs in any way, nor have done anything wrong.

On the 14 June, 2021, Tixerbon Ltd, purchased the freehold for Bayle Court (pictured) in Folkestone for £36,000, according to land registry documents. It was sold at auction by Clive Emson. At Companies House it shows the two owners are Anton Dyleuski and Roman Khripko. They both state their nationality is British. However, previous documents lodged with Companies House show that Anton Dyleuski is Belrusian, and his fellow director, Roman Khripko, is Russian. Since lodging these documents they have become British Citizens, so hold dual nationality.

On a further note,  Anton Dyleuski operated a counterfeit goods business from his property in Brent, purchasing thousands of fake Sennheiser headphones from suppliers in China before selling them through the online retailer at £20 below the RRP. Dyleuski and Shakespeare Travel Ltd (trading as Prime Electronics) of which he was a director, pleaded guilty to three trademark offenses, in March 2015. He was sentenced to 44 weeks in prison, suspended for two years and was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

Moving on, they are not the only people to have purchased property or developed property in our district.

On the 6 February 2014, The Haven (Hythe) Ltd was incorporated and registered at Companies House. The company had three directors –

Guy William Thomas Holloway  -owner of Guy Holloway Architects

Alexander Prisyazhyuk – Russian and British Non-Executive Director

Anthony Simon Ralph – of TG Designer Homes

On the 19 May 2014, the planning department at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, received an application to develop the plot, Y14/0372/SH, which later became known as, The Haven (pictured), on the corner of Victoria Road and West Parade, Hythe. Mr Prisyazhyuk, was the major shareholder in the company, and he is not mentioned anywhere in the planning application, but in a lot of cases that is so often the way.

At present a 2 bed penthouse flat, at The Haven, is on the market with an asking price of £695,000. So probably not affordable by most locals.

It is not just Roman Abramovich who has invested into our district. There are others of Slavic origin, who’ve done nothing wrong, are not on any sanctions lists, and are out to make legitimate money like the majority of people. So people, let’s show the world that we can discern between those who are waging an unnecessary war, against the people of Ukraine, and those who wish to legitimately engage with the property market to make a profit, as is their right.

The Shepway Vox Team

To our dear friends in Dnipro – We Hope you are Safe


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  1. What about Quinn and the Russian involvement at Ashford Railway works ?

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