Otterpool Park notice of planning application submitted and will be decided by Xmas 22

Updated: 01.4.22 @21:10

According to a public and legal notice in the Evening Standard, a notice of a planning application for Otterpool Park (Y19/0257/FH) has been submitted electronically to Folkestone & Hythe District Council by Otterpool Park LLP, Thursday 31.3.22.

Otterpool Park LLP for and behalf of its majority shareholder Folkestone & Hythe District Council wish to build up to 10,000 homes in phases, at a cost of £2.9bn plus.

This is a full planning application notice made under s.13 of The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015.

Art 13 – Notice of applications for planning permission – of the 2015 regs requires applicants to inform people they know own or lease land covered by their planning application.  And they have to publish a notice to catch those they don’t know about.  For some applications (minerals) this needs to be 21 days before they submit the planning application.  For ‘normal’ applications, such as Otterpool, it just needs to be on or after a date 21 days before the planning application.

Next comes the Article 15 notice which says an application HAS BEEN submitted. So in effect s13 is a call out to capture anybody  and everybody, and help prevent any potential judicial review, as it’s about process.

We note the application lists no reference such as, Y19/0257/FH, nor does it give a link to the Otterpool Park webpage on the council’s website.

We further note, there has been no updates to either of the pages mentioned above.

According to the Council’s Corporate Risk Register – see C2 – the Council & the LLP seeks to acquire planning permission by Dec 22.

The reason this has happened now, is this couldn’t be done until the core strategy was signed off by full council, which happened on Wednesday 30.3.22.

As the application makes clear, any owner of the land or tenant who wishes to make representations about this application, should write to the council within 21 days of the notice. Yes they give an address, but no reference.

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  1. Nothing to do with council elections in May and a potential partygate backlash, I’m sure.

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