Quinn’s donations to Tories climbs to a £150,000

Mark Quinn

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The controversial developer Mark Quinn (below left) has via his company Quinn Estates Limited given £7,200 of ‘consultancy services’ to Tory MP Jonathan Gullis (below right). The donation was accepted on the Monday 07.03.2022,  according to electoral commission data.

This now brings total donations by Mr Quinn, or his company to £148,832.

The sum was paid to a consultancy firm, who wrote a report for Gullis emphasizing the benefits of placing Grammar Schools into deprived areas and that they would contribute to the economic re-generation of an area. Mr Quinn also believes this hence the donation. As an aside, Mr Quinn went to a Grammar School.

Gullis was elected as the MP for Stoke-on-Trent North at the 2019 general election, unseating Labour’s Ruth Smeeth and becoming the first Conservative to represent the constituency. At the time of his election, Gullis was employed as a school teacher and head of year at Fairfax Academy in Sutton Coldfield, and served as the school’s trade union representative.

Gullis is a member of the European Research Group which has been described by the journalist Sebastian Payne in the Financial Times as “the most influential [research group] in recent political history“and is a parliamentary backer of FREER, a new initiative promoting economic and social liberalism, run by the neoliberal Institute of Economic Affairs, which is a  is a right-wing think tank

Gullis has in his three years been a controversial MP.

Gullis described Black Lives Matter as “a Marxist organisation that wants to abolish the nuclear family and defund the police”, which of course is utter tosh.

More can be seen on Mr Gullis, Wikipedia page ⇒ here

Donations to political parties are perfectly legitimate. This is how British politics work, which is made clear by Bobby Friedman in Democracy Ltd, that donors often expect something in return for their money.

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  1. Ah but is this Quinn’s money or is it from his Russian friends ?

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