More court cases for Michael Stainer yet to come.

July 8th, the day Michael Stainer will be sentenced for cheating the public revenue and fraud by false representation of £473,097, after a two week trial at Southwark Crown Court, is not the end of his trials and tribulations.

At some point in the future Michael Stainer (pictured below right) will be back in the dock again, as he is still on trial for misconduct as a director.

This all stems from a decision which was adjourned by ICC Judge Burton last year pending the outcome of Stainer’s trial at Southwark Crown Court. It relates to a breach of company law, which may be a criminal offence. For instance, breach of the Companies Act 2006 requirements on corporate administration (eg, keeping company registers and making filings) may constitute an offence for which the company and every officer in default may be liable.

Now that Mr Stainer has been found guilty of fraud and cheating the public purse, another trial in front of ICC Judge Burton at the Rolls Building Fetter Lane London, will occur, and Mr Stainer will no doubt suffer further humiliation to his already severely tarnished image.

It is not just this further trial Stainer will have to attend, there are others, but at present we cannot comment or publish details of these.

A representative from the Shepway Vox Team will be at each case to ensure the facts of the matter are reported in the public interest.

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7 Comments on More court cases for Michael Stainer yet to come.

  1. And I wonder if our MP Damien Collins is involved in any of this? As an MP he is useless, as I have asked time and again name one thing he has done for his Constituents? Only to be greeted by silence. Too busy chumming up to criminals like Stainer no doubt.

  2. Oh, poor Mr Stainer has to go through such events in his tender old age ! He has really lived up “The Grand “ life !!! Can his friend Mr Collins be of any assistance?

  3. What about the VAT on the holiday flaf business? It was worth £350k per annum. Well over the registration threshold, as even a disgraced accountant would know.

  4. Was that true that the Grand was going to be torn down 40 years ago? As it seem now that the old Debenhams (Folca) building is up for demolishment to be replaced by a new Health Centre. I’m all for a new Health Centre but surely this is the right way to do it. Using the space from the old SAGA building would be better option.

    • shepwayvox // May 21, 2022 at 15:24 // Reply

      What do you think!!! Over the years Mikey has told a good number of porky pies, event to judges.

    • The Grand was an operational hotel when Stainer bought it 40 years ago. It was not a derelict building at all ! Not to mention that Stainer’s predecessor never pocketed the staff’s PAYE . Truely , Mr Stainer’s profession is known as a pathological Liar .

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