Clients & Employees of The Grand owed hundreds of thousands in upaid wages and refunds

Updated: 04/06/22 @08:39

Prof Victor Klinkinhoffer B.TECH MC (aka) Robert Graham Moss (pictured), and director of five companies, of which four are registered to the address of convicted tax fraudster, Michael Stainer, is preventing 22 former staff of The Grand, Folkestone, from collecting £334,000 of redundancy money.

They have a right to 36 weeks unpaid salary, 28 days holiday pay and unpaid notice of two weeks, which totals £334,000 between them all.

This means the 22 staff have to go through a very lengthy process to obtain monies owed to them by the companies.

The journey is as follows:

Staff must refer themselves to ACAS to resolve the issues of pay with their employer, this has been done. ACAS then issue an employment tribunal certificate to allow staff to proceed to the employment tribunal, this also has been done. They in turn adjudicate on the debt owed. If the company is still solvent or trading, the employees have to pursue this as a normal debt. However, in this case the companies Seaside Hosts and Eastons Management are not solvent, and are not trading, so there are no funds which the employees can access.  However,  they have right to get compensatory payments via the redundancy scheme run by the insolvency service. In order for a payment to be approved to the 22 former staff members, the companies have to formally bankrupt. This process an take up to two years.

A decent company would wind itself up and allow its employee’s to claim their legitimate redundancy. However, in this case, neither Stainer of Moss are decent employers, and claim they can still trade out of this financial situation.

The lack of pay has ‘ruined peoples lives both financially and emotionally’ according to the 22 former employees of The Grand.

Staff also claim that in excess of a £100,000 is owed to persons who booked rooms, weddings and other events at The Grand. These persons have called and all too often reached staff, and expressed their anger and disappointment when discovering they’ll not be receiving a refund, after booking in good faith.

This we believe demonstrates the bastardish behavoiur of Michal Stainer and Robert Graham Moss, as Stainer has trousered the money and Moss frankly doesn’t give a fcuk about former loyal staff.

Former staff members also claim, the former hotel Manager, Robert Richardson (pictured), took home three bottle of wine most evenings and declared it was ‘for charity‘.

Also, let’s not forget Richardson received his salary from bent money, and paid his mortgage with it, as the holiday lets; which generated up to £400,000 annually, as testified by Stainer in bankruptcy hearing, were not allowed to be let as such under the terms of the leases. Richardson like Stainer and Moss, freeloaded of the residents of The Grand, on unlawfully procured money.

Former Grand staff claim, as well as The Shepway Vox Team,  Russell Tillson was a frequent guest at The Grand and received free drinks and meals. Sometimes, due to his inebriated state, he stayed at the Grand overnight, or caught taxi’s home to New Romney at the time at taxpayers expense. Michael Stainer also claimed this to be true in numerous court cases.

Staff deserve much better than these bunch of shits who’ve brazenly lied and lived off, and paid mortgages, and other items, on bent money, according to former staff, residents and the courts. Let us remind Robert Graham Moss & Robert Brian William Richardson, the right people are on the case and it won’t be long before both of you see the inside of a court room, just like Michael Stainer, who has been found guilty of defrauding HMRC.

The Shepway Vox Team

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  1. How can they trade from a venue that they don’t own? #delusional

  2. Why let the facts get in the way of fantasy!! They know full well they are finished. They should admit defeat and let the staff get their money.

  3. Luckily the VAT authorities and other creditors have Robert Moss’s address in Lyminge. They will also know Stainer’s after July 8th………

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