Michael Stainer makes surprise call to Old Timer’s Rally from behind bars

Yes he was there, if not in body, most definitely in voice, and heard by hundreds of people.

At around 3pm yesterday at the Old Timer’s rally, on The Leas, Folkestone, the voice of its “sponsor“, Michael Stainer (pictured) was heard booming out from the tannoy system. The recording can be heard at the end of this blog post.

He mentions by name the current Mayor of Folkestone, Town Cllr Nicola Keen who was handing out the trophies, and former past Mayor Ann Berry who were both present yesterday.

As you may or may not known, Mr Stainer was sentenced to prison by HHJ Perrins, for three years on July 7 2022. He is as we understand currently serving time in HMP Onley near Rugby Warwickshire

Mr Stainer made the call either from a prison telephone, or a mobile phone. It is not known if he was locked up in his cell at the time when the call was made, or he was able to associate freely with others at around 3pm yesterday 29 August 2022.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service

Section 40D(3A) Prison Act 1952 provides that it is an offence within a prison for anyone to possess, without authorisation, devices capable of transmitting or receiving images, sounds or information by electronic communications. This includes not only a mobile phone but also any component part or article designed or adapted for use with such a device, such as a SIM card or a charger for a mobile telephone.

The maximum penalty on conviction for possession of a mobile phone is two years’ imprisonment or a fine or both.

Now of course we cannot say if Mr Stainer, used a mobile phone. Nor can we say if the persons he called, or the member for the Morris Minor Club are on his approved telephone list. It can however be checked by HMP Onley and by Kent Police via cell site analysis, if he called from a mobile or not.

If perchance Mr Stainer has committed a crime, the evidence isn’t hard to find as you can listen to it below. Apologies, for some of the sound quality, as there was at times a rather stiff breeze.

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17 Comments on Michael Stainer makes surprise call to Old Timer’s Rally from behind bars

  1. Prisoner Watch // August 30, 2022 at 09:37 // Reply

    From the Onley Prison website:

    Keep in touch with someone at Onley
    There are several ways you can keep in touch with a prisoner during their time at Onley.

    Phone calls
    Prisoners do not have phones in their rooms so they will always have to call you. To do this, they have to buy phone credits and use Pin phones on the wings when they are out of their rooms.

    They can phone anyone named on their list of friends and family. This list is checked by security when they first arrive so it may take a few days before they are able to call.

  2. Michael Stainer’s voice is full of confidence. He will be gone with the wind !
    Gone ??? But not forgotten !!!

    • Good ole Michael and Eileen , All bubbly and jolly .We are still fighting for our redundancy , for money that is owed to us .It seems nothing ever sticks to MS .Fall in s… come out smelling of roses .Stainer .Moss and mrs Moss hang your heads in shame .Do the right and proper thing ,close The Grand once and for all .Youve had your £500,000 now let us have our entitlement .We have waited too long for you to do the right and decent thing .But we will keep fighting you , dont ever think we will stop.

  3. Listen to that voice, how happy he sounds, how confident saying he’ll be back next year. That’s not the voice of someone stressed and ashamed, serving their time in prison.

    The sentencing council (link below) say “Offenders sentenced to two years or more will normally serve half their sentence in prison and serve the rest of the sentence in the community on licence” so he likely will be back next August, or very soon after.

    Then what? He’ll be a free man. In the eyes of the law his debt to society will be served, he’ll rub his hands at the state of his wifes bank account, and move back to the grand like nothing has happened?


    • shepwayvox // August 30, 2022 at 14:50 // Reply

      If as the link says he’ll serve half of his sentence, he will not be out in time to be at the Old Timer’s Rally next year. Sentenced on the 7 July 2022, means he’ll be released, more likely than not on licence, in Dec 2023.

  4. Happy christmas 2023 for Michael Stainer i guess. A free man, cash still in the german bank account, and strolling round the Leas picking up the rubbish.

  5. When you consider the fact he took near £500,000 in tax contributions and his wife happily accepted them into her bank account, and consider the cost to the taxpayer of a what, 5 year plus fraud investigation, 18 months in a low security prison with four square a day doesn’t really compare.

    He can’t be charged twice, so really half a million in the back pocket for 18 months package holiday means he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. I think it’s disgusting that Stainer can record a broadcast from a prison and mentioning the current sLady Mayor and a previous one surely this could be said to be condoning Stainers actions so they are not fit to hold public offic. How on earth did Stainer get permission from Prison Authorities to do this ? Surely if he did it without permission then he should be prosecuted and moved to a higher security prison and the sentence added to his current one as this is not related to his original crimes. I spent most of my working life trying to put fraudsters and other criminals behind bars this make the justice system seem like a joke for the criminal Michael Stainer

  7. As a still ’employed’ staff member for The Grand, as a business, fighting for our unpaid monies, this is beyond the pale of unacceptable. How dare this slimeball, con artist, despicable excuse for a human being have the right to totally disrespect the local people, the staff who held that business together and anyone else he conned. And let’s not start on the ‘Director ‘ for the business who, I quote, has told ACAS he wants nothing to do with us, and who let’s his new wife, contact me directly to tell me to stop bullying Robert Moss, her husband, with this case. ANYONE who still holds either of these two diabolical individuals in high esteem have been conned more than anyone else.

  8. Poor Mrs Moss. She is so deluded she believes everything that her new husband and Stainer tell her. They are telling anyone who will still listen that darling Michael is innocent and has been framed by a person at the Grand. Try telling that to the staff who have been robbed by Stainer and Moss..As for Moss hiding behind his wife and getting her to ring up, what a pathetic excuse for a man!

  9. He’s not even sorry he did what he did, is he?! You can’t hear an ounce of contrition in that voice. Jovial. That how he sounds. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.

  10. Eddie returns // August 31, 2022 at 18:00 // Reply

    I know the ‘framer’ well!!! Bring it on. By the way, Mrs Moss blames Doris…….

  11. Have HM Revenue & Customs been able to recover any of the monies stolen by Michael Stainer from his ex-employees and creditors?

    • shepwayvox // August 31, 2022 at 23:14 // Reply

      No is the very short answer as it was squirreled overseas according to prosecuting counsel during the trial.

  12. He is a local hero… ceime pays!!

  13. The latest story circulating in Lyminge is that Robert Moss is going to be a Parish Councillor for the village, in charge of finance!! You couldn’t make it up if its true. Hope they check his background before they hand him that role!!

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